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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 19

Section 600.1901SectionCivil action; commencement; filing of complaint.
Section 600.1902Section“Victim” defined; civil action against victim of criminal sexual conduct or assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct; dismissal; period of limitations; applicability of section.
Section 600.1905SectionSummons; issuance; duplicate; form; contents; amendment of process or proof of service.
Section 600.1908SectionProcess; persons to make service.
Section 600.1910SectionProof of service; methods; failure to make proof of service.
Section 600.1912SectionProcess; personal service on individual.
Section 600.1913SectionProcess; substituted service.
Section 600.1917SectionProcess; service on partnership or limited partnership.
Section 600.1918SectionCivil action; service of process on person doing business under assumed name.
Section 600.1920SectionProcess; service on corporation; insurers.
Section 600.1923SectionProcess; service on partnership association or unincorporated voluntary association.
Section 600.1925SectionProcess; service on public, municipal or governmental corporation, boards, or bodies.
Section 600.1930SectionProcess; service on individual's agent or public officer.
Section 600.1940SectionProcess; personal jurisdiction not required; service of process.
Section 600.1945SectionProcess; order for substituted service; contents; unknown defendants.
Section 600.1947SectionNotice of pendency of action; publication.
Section 600.1950SectionNewspaper; definition.
Section 600.1951SectionMailing of service; manner.
Section 600.1955SectionSubstituted service; proof.
Section 600.1960SectionSubstituted service; jurisdiction on defendant's interest.
Section 600.1965SectionPleader; service of papers; default; effect.
Section 600.1968SectionService of papers; attorneys; contempt.
Section 600.1970SectionService of papers; delivery to attorney; party; mailing.
Section 600.1971SectionService of papers; proof of service; filing.
Section 600.1972SectionService of papers; inability to make; direction of court.
Section 600.1973SectionService of papers; numerous parties.
Section 600.1974SectionFiling with court; definition.
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