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Act 368 of 1978
Part 217

Section 333.21701SectionMeanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.21702SectionDefinitions; D to P.
Section 333.21703SectionDefinitions; P to W.
Section 333.21707SectionPrescribing course of medical treatment; limitations on authority.
Section 333.21711SectionLicense required; prohibited terms or abbreviations; license for formal or informal nursing care services; exception.
Section 333.21712SectionName of nursing home; change in name; prohibited terms; rehabilitation services.
Section 333.21713SectionOwner, operator, and governing body of nursing home; responsibilities and duties generally.
Section 333.21715SectionNursing home; programs of planned and continuing nursing and medical treatment required; employment of or contract with licensed or authorized individual; services; dental treatment.
Section 333.21716SectionNursing home; influenza vaccination.
Section 333.21717SectionCare of certain individuals in nursing home; approval of area and program.
Section 333.21718SectionConditions of skilled nursing facility certification and participation in title 19 program; exception; exemption.
Section 333.21719SectionImmediate access to acute care facilities.
Section 333.21720SectionNursing home administrator required.
Section 333.21720aSectionDirector of nursing; nursing personnel; effective date of subsection (1); natural disaster or other emergency.
Section 333.21720bSectionAgreement with county community mental health program.
Section 333.21721SectionBond required.
Section 333.21723SectionIndividual responsible for receiving complaints and conducting investigations; posting information in nursing home; communication procedure; information posted on internet website; nursing home receiving medicaid reimbursement.
Section 333.21731SectionLicensee considered consumer of tangible personal property.
Section 333.21733SectionRepealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
Section 333.21734SectionNursing home; bed rails; provisions; peer-reviewed, evidence-based, best-practice resources; liability.
Section 333.21735SectionRequirement of emergency generator system in nursing home.
Section 333.21741SectionRules.
Section 333.21743SectionDisclosures; public inspection.
Section 333.21744SectionProfessional advice and consultation.
Section 333.21751SectionEmergency petition to place nursing home under control of receiver; appointment of receiver; use of income and assets; major structural alteration; consultation; termination of receivership; accounting; disposition of surplus funds.
Section 333.21755SectionGrounds for refusal to issue license.
Section 333.21757SectionProvisional license.
Section 333.21761SectionCertification of nondiscrimination; violation of rights; giving preference to members of religious or fraternal institution or organization.
Section 333.21763SectionAccess to nursing home patients; purposes; requirements; termination of visit; confidentiality; complaint; determination; prohibited entry.
Section 333.21764SectionApproval or disapproval of nonprofit corporation rendering assistance without charge; appeal; decision.
Section 333.21765SectionPolicies and procedures; copy of rights enumerated in MCL 333.20201; reading or explaining rights; staff observance of rights, policies, and procedures.
Section 333.21765aSectionCertain admission conditions prohibited; enforcement of contract provisions or agreements in conflict with subsections (1) and (2).
Section 333.21766SectionWritten contract.
Section 333.21767SectionGuardian, trustee, conservator, patient's representative, or protective payee for patient; receipt for money or property of patient; statement of funds.
Section 333.21771SectionAbusing, mistreating, or neglecting patient; reports; investigation; retaliation prohibited; exception to report requirement; time frame for reporting.
Section 333.21772SectionInterference with right to bring action or file complaint prohibited; retaliation prohibited.
Section 333.21773SectionInvoluntary transfer or discharge of patient; notice; form; request for hearing; copy of notice; commencement of notice period; nonpayment; redemption; explanation and discussion; counseling services; prohibition; notice of nonparticipation in state plan for medicaid funding.
Section 333.21774SectionInvoluntary transfer or discharge; request for hearing; informal hearing; decision; burden of proof; procedures; time for leaving facility.
Section 333.21775SectionContinuation of medicaid funding during appeal, transfer, or discharge period.
Section 333.21776SectionTransfer or discharge of patient; plan; counseling services.
Section 333.21777SectionHolding bed open during temporary absence of patient; option; title 19 patients.
Section 333.21781SectionPosting of license and other information.
Section 333.21782SectionRetention of documents for public inspection.
Section 333.21784SectionThreatening medical condition; notice; emergency treatment; comfort of patient.
Section 333.21785SectionDiscontinuance of operation; notice; relocation of patients.
Section 333.21786SectionEmergency closing of nursing home.
Section 333.21787SectionMichigan public health institute; consultation and contracts.
Section 333.21791SectionAdvertising; false or misleading information prohibited.
Section 333.21792SectionCommission, bonus, fee, or gratuity; violation; penalty.
Section 333.21794SectionUse of dining assistant to provide feeding assistance to nursing home patient.
Section 333.21795SectionEducation and training for unlicensed nursing personnel; criteria; competency examinations; rules.
Section 333.21796SectionInsuring proper licensing of licensed personnel.
Section 333.21799aSectionNursing home; violation; complaint; investigation; disclosure; determination; listing violation and provisions violated; copies of documents; public inspection; report of violation; penalty; request for hearing; notice of hearing; “priority complaint” defined.
Section 333.21799bSectionNoncompliance; notice of finding; correction notices; hearing; verification of compliance; investigation; action; definitions; annual report; presumption.
Section 333.21799cSectionViolations; penalties; computation of civil penalties; paying or reimbursing patient; rules for quality of care allowance formula.
Section 333.21799dSectionCollection of civil penalty; noncompliance; order.
Section 333.21799eSectionPenalties and remedies cumulative.
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