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Act 288 of 1939
Chapter XIIB

Section 712B.1SectionChapter; short title.
Section 712B.3SectionDefinitions.
Section 712B.5SectionBest interests of child; duties of courts.
Section 712B.7SectionJurisdiction; exclusive; emergency; transfer; good cause determination; right to intervene or participate in proceeding; full faith and credit to public acts, records, and judicial proceedings.
Section 712B.9SectionChild custody proceeding; notification to parent, Indian custodian, and tribe; additional preparation days; suspension of proceedings; prejudice by lack of notice; determination as to which tribe child is member; circumstances leading to belief child is an Indian; determining, documenting, and contacting extended family; determination or testimony by authorized person; documentation of efforts.
Section 712B.11SectionExamination of reports or documents by parties.
Section 712B.13SectionGuardianship; adoptive placement; termination of parental rights; consent.
Section 712B.15SectionFailure of parent to provide consent; requirements; removal of child from parent or Indian custodian; clear and convincing evidence; termination of parental rights; remedial services and rehabilitative programs; determination that continued custody likely to result in serious emotional or physical damage.
Section 712B.17SectionQualified expert witness.
Section 712B.19SectionImproper removal of child from custody.
Section 712B.21SectionAppointment of counsel.
Section 712B.23SectionPlacement; least restrictive setting; order of preference; documentation.
Section 712B.25SectionInvoluntary guardianship; investigation; report; notice of pending proceeding; consent; withdrawal; termination of voluntary guardianship; potential applicability of Indian child welfare act.
Section 712B.27SectionVoluntary placement consent; visitation; notice of pending proceeding; providing certain information to Indian individual reaching age of 18; withdrawal of consent by parent; petition for return of custody.
Section 712B.29SectionChild taken into custody under section 14 of chapter XIIA; termination of subsequent placement; condition; initiation of child custody proceeding; duties of court.
Section 712B.31SectionAgreements.
Section 712B.33SectionDepartment review of cases; monitoring; standards and procedures.
Section 712B.35SectionProviding secretary and tribal enrollment officer with copy of court decree or order; other information.
Section 712B.37SectionCensus.
Section 712B.39SectionInvalidation of actions; petition.
Section 712B.41SectionSeverability.
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