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Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 4

Section 436.1401SectionWholesalers to be granted exclusive sales territory by manufacturer and outstate seller of beer and malt beverages.
Section 436.1403SectionBeer industry; purpose of section; reasons for regulation; definitions; prohibited conduct; termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of agreement; burden; notice; test marketing; sales and distribution; additional agreement prohibited; transfer of wholesaler's business; compensation for diminished value of wholesaler's business; arbitration; costs; default; waiver; good faith dispute settlement; agreement binding on successor to supplier; agreements to which section applicable; civil action for actual damages; liability; action for declaratory judgment; exemplary damages; injunctive relief; procedure for resolving violations.
Section 436.1405SectionBrewpub license; requirements for issuance.
Section 436.1407SectionBrewpub license; additional requirements; renewal and revocation of license.
Section 436.1409SectionBeer; taxation; payment of tax by wholesaler; designation; tax collection and reporting requirements by rule; exemptions; rebate; barrel as containing 31 gallons; rule prohibiting licensees from purchasing, receiving, possessing, or selling beer manufactured in designated states; judicial review; tax credit or refund; “eligible brewer” defined.
Section 436.1411SectionBrewer not licensed as micro brewer; sale of beer for on-premises consumption on licensed brewery premises; limitations; "engages in the production of beer" defined.
Section 436.1413SectionParticipation in beer festival; direct sale by licensed brewpub to holder of special license.
Section 436.1415SectionIssuance of farmer's market permit to qualified small wine maker.
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