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Article Schedule
SCHEDULE AND TEMPORARY PROVISIONS To insure the orderly transition from the constitution of 1908 to this constitution the following schedule and temporary provisions are set forth to be effective for such period as are thereby required.

Schedule § 1SectionRecommendations by attorney general for changes in laws.
Schedule § 2SectionExisting public and private rights, continuance.
Schedule § 3SectionOfficers, continuance in office.
Schedule § 4SectionOfficers elected in spring of 1963, term.
Schedule § 5SectionState elective executive officers and senators, 2 and 4 year terms.
Schedule § 6SectionSupreme court, reduction to 7 justices.
Schedule § 7SectionJudges of probate, eligibility for re-election.
Schedule § 8SectionJudicial officers, staggered terms.
Schedule § 9SectionState board of education; first election, terms.
Schedule § 10SectionBoards controlling higher education institutions and state board of public community and junior colleges, terms.
Schedule § 11SectionMichigan State University trustees and Wayne State University governors, terms.
Schedule § 12SectionInitial allocation of departments by law or executive order.
Schedule § 13SectionState contracts, continuance.
Schedule § 14SectionMackinac Bridge Authority; refunding of bonds, transfer of functions to highway department.
Schedule § 15SectionSubmission of constitution; time, notice.
Schedule § 16SectionVoters, ballots, effective date.
Schedule SigBlockSectionVote Record.
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