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Act 451 of 1994
Part 85

Section 324.8501SectionDefinitions; A to T.
Section 324.8501aSectionDefinitions; M to U.
Section 324.8502SectionLabel; invoice.
Section 324.8503SectionOrder and form of guaranteed analysis; minimum percentage of plant nutrients; additional plant nutrients; other beneficial compounds or substances.
Section 324.8504SectionLicense to manufacture or distribute fertilizer; fee; application; beneficial use by-product intended for beneficial use 3; notice of additional distribution points; exceptions; expiration; operation of business located outside of state.
Section 324.8505SectionDistribution of specialty fertilizer or soil conditioner; registration; application; labels to accompany application; beneficial use by-product intended for beneficial use 3; copy of registration approval; expiration; fees; labeling blended soil conditioners; operation of business located outside of state.
Section 324.8506SectionInspection fee; tonnage reports as basis of payment; waiver; penalty; unpaid fees and penalties as basis of judgment; responsibility for reporting tonnage and paying inspection fee; deposit of money collected.
Section 324.8506aSectionAudits.
Section 324.8507SectionRecords; disclosure of information.
Section 324.8508SectionConstruction and application of part.
Section 324.8509SectionProhibitions.
Section 324.8510SectionInspecting, sampling, and analyzing fertilizer and soil conditioners; methods; rules; access to premises; stopping conveyances; submission of information to department; confidentiality.
Section 324.8511SectionSelection of sample from package or bulk lot for comparison with label; order to cease and desist; seizing, or stopping sale of, fertilizer or soil conditioner; conditions; filing action with court.
Section 324.8512SectionNitrates in groundwater exceeding certain limits associated with aquifer sensitivity or fertilizer use; educational materials provided to fertilizer users; authority of department director; eligibility of regional stewardship to receive certain grants; authorization to land-apply materials containing fertilizers at agronomic rates.
Section 324.8512bSectionFertilizer containing phosphate; application to turf; requirements.
Section 324.8512fSectionRelease of fertilizer on impervious turf; application of fertilizer on frozen or saturated turf.
Section 324.8512gSectionResidential uses of phosphorus; consumer information on use restrictions and recommended best practices.
Section 324.8512hSectionFertilizer advisory committee; membership; terms; removal; vacancy; meetings; quorum; duties; meetings subject to open meetings act; "committee" defined.
Section 324.8513SectionRules; bulk storage of fertilizers; exemption.
Section 324.8514SectionFertilizer control fund; creation; deposits; money remaining in fund; lapse; expenditures; grants to local government agencies, institutions of higher education, or nonprofit organizations; notice to legislature.
Section 324.8515SectionRevocation or refusal of license or registration; grounds; hearing; exception for refusal to sell ammonium nitrate fertilizer.
Section 324.8516SectionEnforcement; rules.
Section 324.8517SectionLocal ordinance, regulation, or resolution; preemption; adoption; enforcement; identification of unreasonable adverse effects; local public meeting; contract by director with local government; compliance with training and enforcement requirements; application of fertilizer containing phosphate.
Section 324.8518SectionAmmonium nitrate fertilizer; storage methods; information to be obtained by retailers; records; refusal of retailer to sell.
Section 324.8519SectionHearing; request.
Section 324.8520SectionViolations; penalties; remedies; injunctive action; civil action; defenses; liability for damages; applicability of provisions of revised judicature act.
Section 324.8521SectionPenalties and sanctions; exceptions.
Section 324.8522SectionFinding of probable cause.
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