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Initiated Law 1 of 2008
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Initiated Law 1 of 2008

AN INITIATION of Legislation to allow under state law the medical use of marihuana; to provide protections for the medical use of marihuana; to provide for a system of registry identification cards for qualifying patients and primary caregivers; to impose a fee for registry application and renewal; to make an appropriation; to provide for the promulgation of rules; to provide for the administration of this act; to provide for enforcement of this act; to provide for affirmative defenses; and to provide for penalties for violations of this act.

History: 2008, Initiated Law 1, Eff. Dec. 4, 2008 ;-- Am. 2016, Act 283, Eff. Dec. 20, 2016

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 333.26421SectionShort title.
Section 333.26422SectionFindings, declaration.
Section 333.26423SectionDefinitions.
Section 333.26424SectionQualifying patient or primary caregiver; arrest, prosecution, or penalty prohibited; conditions; privilege from arrests; presumption; compensation; physician subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty prohibited; marihuana paraphernalia; person in presence or vicinity of medical use of marihuana; registry identification card issued outside of department; sale of marihuana as felony; penalty; marihuana-infused product.
Section 333.26424aSectionRegistered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver; arrest, prosecution, or penalty, or denial of right or privilege prohibited; conditions.
Section 333.26424bSectionTransporting or possessing marihuana-infused product; violation; fine.
Section 333.26425SectionRules.
Section 333.26426SectionAdministration and enforcement of rules by department.
Section 333.26427SectionScope of act; limitations.
Section 333.26428SectionDefenses.
Section 333.26429SectionFailure of department to adopt rules or issue valid registry identification card.
Section 333.26430SectionSeverabilty.
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