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Act 368 of 1978
Part 209

Section 333.20901SectionMeanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.20902SectionDefinitions; A to D.
Section 333.20904SectionDefinitions; E.
Section 333.20906SectionDefinitions; L, M.
Section 333.20908SectionDefinitions; N to V.
Section 333.20910SectionPowers and duties of department.
Section 333.20911SectionRepealed. 2006, Act 582, Eff. Dec. 31, 2009.
Section 333.20912SectionDuties of department with regard to educational programs and services.
Section 333.20915SectionState emergency medical services coordination committee; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; ex officio members; replacement of member; chairperson; meetings; quorum; per diem compensation; reimbursement of expenses.
Section 333.20916SectionState emergency medical services coordination committee; duties.
Section 333.20917SectionRepealed. 2000, Act 440, Eff. July 1, 2004.
Section 333.20917aSectionStatewide trauma care advisory subcommittee; establishment; membership; appointment; terms; chairperson; meetings; quorum; recommendations regarding funding sources; "rural county" defined.
Section 333.20918SectionLocal medical control authority; designation; participating hospitals and freestanding surgical outpatient facilities; adherence to protocols; administration; appointment and membership of advisory body; medical director; operation of medical control authority; accountability of life support agencies and licensed individuals.
Section 333.20919SectionProtocols for practice of life support agencies and licensed emergency medical services personnel; development and adoption; procedures; conflict with Michigan do-not-resuscitate procedure act prohibited; requirements; appeal; standards for equipment and personnel; negative medical or economic impacts; epinephrine auto-injector; availability of medical and economic information; review; findings.
Section 333.20920SectionAmbulance operation; license required; contents of application; fee; contents of license; operation of ambulance operation; renewal of license; compliance; ambulance operation upgrade license; statewide emergency medical coordination committee; revocation or failure to renew ambulance operation upgrade license.
Section 333.20921SectionAmbulance operation; duties; prohibitions; staffing; operation at higher level of life support; occupants of patient compartment; applicability of subsection (5).
Section 333.20921aSectionCounty population 10,000 or less and population density less than 7 people per square mile; ambulance availability.
Section 333.20921bSectionTransportation of nonemergency patient by rotary aircraft ambulance; duties; notice; violation; payment in full; definitions.
Section 333.20921cSectionAmbulance operation; patient request; right to land.
Section 333.20922SectionUse of terms “ambulance,”“ambulance operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
Section 333.20923SectionOperation of ambulance; conditions; application for and issuance of ambulance license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; vehicle standards; minimum requirements for equipment; use of equipment or medications by licensed personnel; communications system; ambulance license nontransferable to ambulance operation.
Section 333.20924SectionBusiness or service of transportation of patients; licensed ambulance required; exceptions.
Section 333.20925SectionEmergency transportation of police dog; allow under certain conditions.
Section 333.20926SectionNontransport prehospital life support operation; license required; application; fee; contents of license and application; renewal; compliance.
Section 333.20927SectionNontransport prehospital life support operation; duties; prohibitions.
Section 333.20928SectionUse of term “nontransport prehospital life support vehicle,”“nontransport prehospital life support operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
Section 333.20929SectionOperation of nontransport prehospital life support vehicle; conditions; application for and issuance of license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; communications system; equipment.
Section 333.20931SectionAir transport operation; license required; application; fee; issuance and contents of license; renewal; compliance.
Section 333.20932SectionAircraft transport operation; duties; prohibitions.
Section 333.20932aSectionTransportation of nonemergency patient by aircraft transport operation; duties; notice; violation; payment in full; definitions.
Section 333.20932bSectionAircraft transport operation; patient request; right to land.
Section 333.20933SectionUse of term “aircraft transport vehicle,”“aircraft transport operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
Section 333.20934SectionOperation of aircraft transport vehicle; conditions; application for and issuance of license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; communications system; equipment; amount of liability coverage; determination.
Section 333.20935SectionReceipt of completed license application; issuance of license within certain period of time; report; “completed application” defined.
Section 333.20936SectionApplication for license renewal received after expiration date of license; late fee; completing requirements for initial licensure.
Section 333.20938SectionOperation of ambulance or nontransport prehospital life support vehicle under emergency conditions; privileges and constraints.
Section 333.20939SectionSpontaneous use of vehicle under exceptional circumstances; written report.
Section 333.20941SectionMedical first response service; license required; issuance; requirements; duties; renewal of license; advertising or disseminating information; availability of vehicle; ability of patient to pay; police or fire suppression agency.
Section 333.20945SectionLife support agency license; nonrenewable conditional license in lieu of denial, suspension, or revocation; duration; conditions.
Section 333.20948SectionOperations and services furnished by local governmental unit; costs; ordinance.
Section 333.20950SectionMedical first responder, emergency medical technician, emergency medical technician specialist, paramedic, or emergency medical services instructor-coordinator; licensing requirements; duration of license; fees; volunteers; waiver of fee; "armed forces" defined.
Section 333.20952SectionTemporary license.
Section 333.20954SectionRenewal license; renewal fees; procedures for late renewal; volunteers.
Section 333.20956SectionProvision of life support; limitation; authorized techniques.
Section 333.20958SectionEmergency medical services personnel license; denial, revocation, or suspension; findings; notice; hearing order of circuit court to appear and give testimony.
Section 333.20961SectionReciprocity.
Section 333.20963SectionRadio communications; compliance.
Section 333.20965SectionImmunity from liability.
Section 333.20967SectionAuthority for management of emergency patient or management of scene of emergency; declaring nonexistence of emergency.
Section 333.20969SectionObjection to treatment or transportation.
Section 333.20971SectionEmergency preparedness act and MCL 30.261 not affected by part; references to former laws.
Section 333.20973SectionEmergency medical services to and cooperative agreements with other states.
Section 333.20975SectionRules generally.
Section 333.20977SectionRules considered as rescinded; exceptions.
Section 333.20979SectionProhibited use of fees.
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