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Section 450.3183

Act 162 of 1982

450.3183 Distribution of assets upon dissolution; distribution of assets held for charitable or similar purpose; redemption of investment certificates.

Sec. 1183.

(1) Notwithstanding section 855, upon dissolution, the assets of a cooperative shall be distributed in the following manner and order:

(a) By paying or providing for payment of its debts and expenses.

(b) By redeeming member capital by paying to the member in cash or other property (i) the lesser of the member's member capital or the member's pro rata share of total member capital of the cooperative determined according to the ratio each member's member capital bears to total member capital, unless a different proration is provided in the articles; or (ii) such other amount as may be provided in the articles or bylaws.

(c) By distributing any surplus to (i) those patrons who have been members or subscribers at any time during not less than the 6 years preceding dissolution or since formation of the cooperative, whichever is less, on the basis of patronage during that period; (ii) any other cooperative, foreign cooperative, or nonprofit organization designated by membership resolution; or (iii) both.

(2) Assets held by a cooperative for a charitable or similar purpose shall be distributed pursuant to section 855(c).

(3) Investment certificates issued pursuant to section 1137 shall be redeemed according to the terms of the certificates.

History: Add. 1984, Act 209, Eff. Nov. 1, 1985

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