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Section 35.1005

Act 106 of 1974

35.1005 Submission of question to electors.

Sec. 5.

   The question of borrowing the sum of $205,000,000.00 and issuing bonds of the state for the purposes set forth in this act shall be submitted to vote of the electors of the state qualified to vote thereon in accordance with the provisions of article 9, section 15 of the state constitution, at the next general November election. The question submitted to the electors shall be substantially as follows:
   "Shall the state of Michigan provide veterans of the Vietnam and other conflicts a service bonus, borrow the sum of $205,000,000.00 and issue general obligation bonds of the state therefor pledging the full faith and credit of the state for the payment of principal and interest thereon, the method of repayment of the bonds to be from the general fund of the state?
   Yes [ ] No [ ]"

History: 1974, Act 106, Eff. Nov. 5, 1974

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