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Act 299 of 1980
Article 2

Section 339.201SectionDepartment of licensing and regulation; appointment of director; designation of persons to investigate licensees or persons against whom complaints lodged.
Section 339.202SectionLicensure or registration; application; form; fees; requirements for issuance of license or registration; expiration date.
Section 339.202a.addedSectionPreliminary determination; procedure; effect.
Section 339.203SectionLicense or registration; issuance upon demonstration of unfair or inadequate requirements; review; fees; limitation; notice; approval or disapproval; practice by person licensed, registered, or certified under repealed act.
Section 339.204SectionLicense or registration; renewal; requirements; evidence of attendance in continuing education program; waiver; imposition of limitation; review; renewal as responsibility of licensee or registrant; renewal application; failure to notify department of change of address; delivery or service of notice or communication by electronic mail.
Section 339.205SectionPromulgation of rules.
Section 339.206SectionExamination or test; review and approval of form and content; administration, scoring, and monitoring; providing equipment, examination room, written form, and other items; delegation of duties.
Section 339.207SectionLicensing or approval of school, institution, or other person offering training or education; approval or recognition of continuing education program; processing request within certain period of time; recommendation by board; request.
Section 339.208SectionFiles of board; physical dominion; public access.
Section 339.209SectionOffice services; administrative and secretarial staff, clerks, and employees.
Section 339.210SectionContracting with persons or agencies to implement act and fulfill responsibilities of department or board; electronic continuing education tracking system; agreement; provisions; rules.
Section 339.211SectionOrientation program for board members.
Section 339.212SectionAnnual report.
Section 339.213SectionTemporary license or certificate of registration; nonrenewable; validity; applicant married to member of armed forces; limitation.
Section 339.214SectionApplicant whose records unavailable from foreign country; examination; reciprocal license.
Section 339.215, 339.216SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 257, Imd. Eff. July 5, 1994.
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