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Section 330.1401

Act 258 of 1974

330.1401 “Person requiring treatment” defined; exception.

Sec. 401.

(1) As used in this chapter, "person requiring treatment" means (a), (b), (c), or (d):

(a) An individual who has mental illness, and who as a result of that mental illness can reasonably be expected within the near future to intentionally or unintentionally seriously physically injure himself, herself, or another individual, and who has engaged in an act or acts or made significant threats that are substantially supportive of the expectation.

(b) An individual who has mental illness, and who as a result of that mental illness is unable to attend to those of his or her basic physical needs such as food, clothing, or shelter that must be attended to in order for the individual to avoid serious harm in the near future, and who has demonstrated that inability by failing to attend to those basic physical needs.

(c) An individual who has mental illness, whose judgment is so impaired that he or she is unable to understand his or her need for treatment and whose continued behavior as the result of this mental illness can reasonably be expected, on the basis of competent clinical opinion, to result in significant physical harm to himself, herself, or others. This individual shall receive involuntary mental health treatment initially only under the provisions of sections 434 through 438.

(d) An individual who has mental illness, whose understanding of the need for treatment is impaired to the point that he or she is unlikely to participate in treatment voluntarily, who is currently noncompliant with treatment that has been recommended by a mental health, professional and that has been determined to be necessary to prevent a relapse or harmful deterioration of his or her condition and whose noncompliance with treatment has been a factor in the individual's placement in a psychiatric hospital, prison, or jail at least 2 times within the last 48 months or whose noncompliance with treatment has been a factor in the individual's committing 1 or more acts, attempts, or threats of serious violent behavior within the last 48 months. An individual under this subdivision is only eligible to receive assisted outpatient treatment under section 433 or 469a.

(2) An individual whose mental processes have been weakened or impaired by a dementia, an individual with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy, or an individual with alcoholism or other drug dependence is not a person requiring treatment under this chapter unless the individual also meets the criteria specified in subsection (1). An individual described in this subsection may be hospitalized under the informal or formal voluntary hospitalization provisions of this chapter if he or she is considered clinically suitable for hospitalization by the hospital director.

History: 1974, Act 258, Eff. Nov. 6, 1974 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 179, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 496, Eff. Mar. 30, 2005

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