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Act 306 of 1969
Chapter 3

Section 24.231SectionRules; continuation; amendment; rescission.
Section 24.232SectionStatutory construction; discrimination; crimes; adoption by reference; effect of guideline, operational memorandum, bulletin, interpretive statement, or form with instructions; agency order; limitation on rule-making delegation; limitation on rule-making more stringent than applicable federal standards; exception for special education programs.
Section 24.233SectionRules; organization; operations; procedures.
Section 24.234SectionOffice of regulatory reform; agency; powers and duties.
Section 24.235SectionJoint committee on administrative rules; creation; appointment and terms of members; chairperson; expenses; meetings; hearings; action by committee; report; hiring and supervision of staff and related functions.
Section 24.235aSectionRepealed. 1993, Act 7, Eff. Dec. 8, 1994.
Section 24.236SectionOffice of regulatory reform procedures and standards for rules.
Section 24.238SectionFiling of requests by individuals for promulgation of certain rules.
Section 24.239SectionRequest for rule-making.
Section 24.239aSectionNotice of public hearing; approval by office; copies.
Section 24.240SectionReducing disproportionate economic impact of rule on small business; applicability of section and MCL 24.245(3).
Section 24.241SectionNotice of public hearing before adoption of rule; opportunity to present data, views, questions, and arguments; time, contents, and transmittal of notice; advanced notice of proposed action; provisions governing public hearing; presence and participation of certain persons at public hearing required.
Section 24.241aSectionRequest by legislator for copies of proposed rules or changes in rules.
Section 24.242SectionNotice of public hearing; publication requirements; submission of copy to office; publication of notice in Michigan register; distribution of copies of notice of public hearing; meeting of joint committee on administrative rules.
Section 24.243SectionCompliance required; contesting rule on ground of noncompliance.
Section 24.244SectionNotice of public hearings on rules; exceptions to requirements; applicability of MCL 24.241, 24.242, and 24.266 to rules promulgated under Michigan occupational safety and health act or determination under MCL 24.245c(3); "substantially similar" defined.
Section 24.245SectionApproval of rules by legislative service bureau and office; agency reports; regulatory impact statement; fiscal agency reports; exceptions.
Section 24.245aSectionJoint committee on administrative rules; consideration of rule; actions; filing of rule by office; effective date of rule; withdrawal and resubmission of rule; tolling; "session day" defined.
Section 24.245bSectionInformation to be posted on office of regulatory reinvention website.
Section 24.245cSectionProposal by committee that proposed rule be changed; actions by agency; review and determination by office; notice to committee.
Section 24.246SectionPromulgation of rules; procedure; arrangement, binding, certification, and inspection of rules.
Section 24.247SectionEffective date of rules; withdrawal or rescission of promulgated rules; notice of withdrawal.
Section 24.248SectionEmergency rules; tolling effective date; scheduling substance as controlled substance; numbering and compilation; "administrator" defined.
Section 24.249SectionFiled rules; transmission.
Section 24.250SectionLegislative standing committees; functions.
Section 24.251SectionAmendment and rescission of rules by legislature; introduction of bill.
Section 24.252SectionSuspension of rules.
Section 24.253SectionAnnual regulatory plan; link to website of office of regulatory reinvention.
Section 24.254SectionFailure of committee to provide notice.
Section 24.255SectionAnnual supplement to Michigan administrative code; electronic publication by office of regulatory reform; contents.
Section 24.256SectionEditorial work for Michigan register, Michigan administrative code, and code supplements; uniformity; conformity with Michigan compiled laws; correction of obvious errors; publication of Michigan administrative code; time for publishing supplements.
Section 24.257SectionOmission of rules from Michigan register, Michigan administrative code, and code supplements; conditions; prorating publication and distribution cost of materials published in Michigan register and annual supplement; payment.
Section 24.258SectionRequest for preparation of reproduction proofs or negatives of rules; reimbursement; publication of rules electronically or in pamphlets; cost.
Section 24.259SectionCopies of Michigan register, Michigan administrative code, and code supplements; distribution; official use.
Section 24.261SectionFiling and publication of rules; presumptions arising therefrom; judicial notice.
Section 24.263SectionDeclaratory ruling by agency as to applicability of rule.
Section 24.264SectionDeclaratory judgment as to validity or applicability of rule.
Section 24.265SectionEnvironmental rules review committee; membership; requirements and exclusions; terms; removal; powers and duties; purpose.
Section 24.266SectionRequest for rule-making; procedure; notification in writing; public hearing; extension; agency report; review, approval, or rejection proposed rules; certificates of approval; legislative service bureau.
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