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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XIXA

Section 168.426aSectionJudge of municipal court; nomination and election.
Section 168.426bSectionJudge of municipal court; eligibility; violation of MCL 38.412a.
Section 168.426cSectionCandidates for municipal court judge; nomination at general nonpartisan primary election.
Section 168.426dSectionJudge of municipal court of record; candidate; nominating petitions; incumbent judge as candidate in primary election; affidavit of candidacy; validity of filed petitions; filing for election to more than 1 judgeship; withdrawal; office designation.
Section 168.426eSectionCandidates for nomination; affidavit as to eligibility and candidacy.
Section 168.426fSectionCandidates for judge of municipal court; declaration of nominees; death or disqualification of candidate; certification of nomination.
Section 168.426gSectionMunicipal court judges; first general election, terms of office.
Section 168.426hSectionMunicipal court judges; 1966 general election, judges on separate judicial ballot, terms of office.
Section 168.426iSectionJudge of municipal court; election; death or disqualification of nominee.
Section 168.426jSectionMunicipal court judges; terms of office.
Section 168.426kSectionPrimary and general election; incumbent judge as candidate; printing designation of office on ballot; 2 or more judgeships; listing categories of candidates on ballot; death or disqualification of incumbent judge; application of subsection (3).
Section 168.426lSectionCandidates for judge of municipal court; certificate of determination by board of canvassers.
Section 168.426mSectionMunicipal court judges; certificate of election.
Section 168.426nSectionMunicipal court judges; oath of office.
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