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Act 206 of 1893

Section 211.74-211.77SectionRepealed. 2005, Act 183, Eff. Dec. 31, 2006.
Section 211.78SectionDelinquent taxes; return, forfeiture, and foreclosure of property; construction of act; election to have state foreclose property forfeited to county; resolution; rescission of prior resolution; foreclosure as voluntary; agreement for collection of taxes or enforcement and consolidation of tax liens; definitions.
Section 211.78aSectionProperty returned as delinquent subject to forfeiture, foreclosure, and sale; unpaid taxes from preceding year; county property tax administration fee and interest; notice of return of delinquent taxes; annual fee; procedures and schedules established by ordinance.
Section 211.78bSectionNotice provisions; June 1.
Section 211.78cSectionNotice provisions; September 1.
Section 211.78dSectionAdditional fee; October 1.
Section 211.78eSectionList of property subject to forfeiture for delinquent taxes; determinations.
Section 211.78fSectionNotice provisions; unpaid delinquent taxes; additional notices; circulation; insert.
Section 211.78gSectionProperty delinquent for preceding 12 months or forfeited for total amount; right to possession by foreclosing governmental unit; limitation; recording certificate with county register of deeds; redemption; property as site of environmental contamination; payment reduction program; requirements; "local unit of government" defined.
Section 211.78hSectionPetition for foreclosure; filing in circuit court; removal of property from petition; withholding property by foreclosing governmental unit; hearing date.
Section 211.78iSectionIdentification of owners of property interest; title search; personal visit to determine occupancy; publication of notice; sources of identification; notice provisions; prohibited assertions if failure to redeem property; noncompliance; “authorized representative” defined; applicability of other requirements.
Section 211.78jSectionSchedule of show cause hearing by foreclosing governmental unit.
Section 211.78kSectionPetition for foreclosure; proof of service of notice; filing with circuit court; contesting validity or correctness by person claiming property interest; filing objections; withholding property from foreclosure or extending redemption period; entry of judgment; specifications; failure to pay delinquent taxes, interest, penalties, and fees after entry of judgment; appeal to court of appeals; recording notice of judgment; cancellation; submission of certificate of error.
Section 211.78lSectionOwner of extinguished recorded or unrecorded property interest; action for possession or recovery of property or interests; right to sue not transferable.
Section 211.78mSectionGranting state right of first refusal; election by state not to purchase property; purchase of property by city, city authority, village, township, county, or county authority; property sale at auction; notice of time and location; procedure; property not previously sold; disposition of sale proceeds; joint sale by 2 or more county treasurers; deed recording; cancellation of taxes and certain costs upon transfer or retention of property; foreclosed property defined as facility under MCL 324.20101; person convicted for executing false affidavit; definitions.
Section 211.78nSectionLand reutilization fund.
Section 211.78oSectionForms.
Section 211.78pSectionConveyance of property to Indian tribe; liability for delinquent taxes.
Section 211.78qSectionDelinquent property tax installment payment plan; tax foreclosure avoidance agreement.
Section 211.78rSectionForeclosing governmental unit for county other than this state; acquisition of property owned by this state, federal government, or other governmental entity; methods; conveyance of real property owned by authority to foreclosing governmental unit; execution and recording of conveyance documents; sale of property; deposit of net proceeds; powers, duties, functions, or responsibilities of authority under land bank fast track act; "authority" defined.
Section 211.78sSectionApplicability of MCL 211.78a to 211.78r; notice in separate insert; definitions.
Section 211.78tSectionNotice of intent to claim interest; form and contents; procedures; hearing; definitions.
Section 211.79SectionCertified abandoned property; definition.
Section 211.79aSectionAbandoned property; action to quiet title.
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