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Act 289 of 1968
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Act 289 of 1968

AN ACT to authorize certain judges to grant immunity to witnesses upon application of prosecuting attorneys; to permit grants of immunity to witnesses issued subpoenas or compelled to testify or produce evidence in certain investigations and proceedings by public officials or agencies; to prescribe the procedures therefor; and to prescribe penalties for refusal to testify and for giving false testimony.

History: 1968, Act 289, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968 ;-- Am. 1999, Act 249, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 1999

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 780.701SectionOrder granting immunity; application by prosecuting attorney; verified statement; determination to grant immunity.
Section 780.702SectionDelivery of order to witness; applicability of order; transcript of answers; use of truthful testimony or information against witness in criminal case.
Section 780.702aSectionOrder granting immunity; application by public official or agency authorized to compel testimony or produce evidence; verified statement; determination to grant immunity; delivery of order to witness; transcript of answers; use of truthful testimony, evidence, or other information against witness in criminal case; application for order granting immunity under other statute.
Section 780.703SectionFailure or refusal to testify at proceeding after grant of immunity; contempt.
Section 780.704SectionFalse testimony; perjury, penalty.
Section 780.705SectionRight to counsel.
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