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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XI

Section 168.221SectionScope of chapter.
Section 168.222SectionRepealed. 1999, Act 218, Eff. Mar. 10, 2000.
Section 168.223SectionCandidates for county auditor; nomination at primary.
Section 168.223aSectionCounty auditor; term of office in counties over 1,000,000; abolition of office.
Section 168.224SectionOffice of county auditor; nominating petitions; signatures; form; filing fee in lieu of nominating petitions; deposit of fee; refund; forfeiture of deposit.
Section 168.225SectionCandidates for county auditor; withdrawal, notice.
Section 168.226SectionCandidate for county auditor; death; selection of candidate to fill vacancy; ballots.
Section 168.227SectionCandidate for county auditor; write-in.
Section 168.228SectionCandidates for county auditor; nomination, certification.
Section 168.229SectionCandidates for county auditor; withdrawal after nomination.
Section 168.230SectionCandidates for county auditor; death, withdrawal or disqualification; selection of new candidate, certification; ballots.
Section 168.231SectionCounty auditor; election.
Section 168.232SectionCounty auditor; certificate of determination by board of county canvassers.
Section 168.233SectionCounty auditor; certificate of election; publication of certificate of determination and statement of votes.
Section 168.234SectionCounty auditor; term of office.
Section 168.235SectionCounty auditor; oath of office, bond, deposit.
Section 168.236SectionCounty auditor; resignation, notice.
Section 168.237SectionCounty auditor; vacancy, creation.
Section 168.238SectionCounty auditor; removal from office; service of charges, hearing.
Section 168.239SectionCounty auditor; appointment to fill vacancy; oath; bond; term.
Section 168.240SectionCounty auditor; primary or election, recount of votes.
Section 168.241SectionCounty auditor; recall.
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