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Printed on Monday, August 20, 2018
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 264 and includes 267-336 of 2018
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Section 750.539 ‑ Divulging contents of messages.
Section 750.539a ‑ Definitions.
Section 750.539b ‑ Trespassing for purpose of eavesdropping or surveillance.
Section 750.539c ‑ Eavesdropping upon private conversation.
Section 750.539d ‑ Installation, placement, or use of device for observing, recording, transmitting, photographing or eavesdropping in private place.
Section 750.539e ‑ Use or divulgence of information unlawfully obtained.
Section 750.539f ‑ Unlawful manufacture, possession or transfer of eavesdropping devices.
Section 750.539g ‑ Exceptions.
Section 750.539h ‑ Civil remedies.
Section 750.539i ‑ Proof of installation of device as prima facie evidence of violation.
Section 750.539j ‑ Surveillance of or distribution, dissemination, or transmission of recording, photograph, or visual image of individual having reasonable expectation of privacy; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; exceptions; “surveil” defined.
Section 750.539k ‑ Personal identifying information; prohibited conduct; exception; violation as felony; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.539l ‑ Tracking device; placement or installment on motor vehicle without consent; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; exemptions; inapplicability of subsection (2)(j); liability for damages; definitions.
Section 750.540 ‑ Use of electronic medium of communication; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.540a ‑ Party line, emergency, defined; refusal to yield or surrender use of line; pretext; penalty.
Section 750.540b ‑ Notice contained in telephone directory, printing; exception.
Section 750.540c ‑ Prohibited conduct with regard to telecommunications access device; “materials” defined; violation as felony; penalty; amateur radio service; forfeiture; order; definitions.
Section 750.540d ‑ Seizure of devices, plans, instructions, or materials.
Section 750.540e ‑ Malicious use of service provided by telecommunications service provider.
Section 750.540f ‑ Telecommunications access device; use in violation of MCL 750.219a; misdemeanor; violation of subsection (1) and previous conviction as felony; prior conviction; definitions.
Section 750.540g ‑ Telecommunications service; unauthorized use by officer, shareholder, partner, employee, agent, or independent contractor; use in separate incidents pursuant to scheme or course of conduct; enhanced sentence based on prior convictions.
Section 750.540h ‑ Intent to permit or obtain unauthorized receipt of telecommunications service.

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