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Section 257.248cSectionSale, transfer, or release of distressed late model vehicle by vehicle salvage pool, auction, or broker; release of vehicle; release statement; notice to owner and lienholder; sale of vehicle for parts.
Section 257.320SectionInvestigation or reexamination of person; notice; restricting, suspending, revoking, or imposing other terms and conditions on license; service of notice; suspension of license for more than 1 year prohibited; reexamination; failure to appear for scheduled reexamination; prohibited restricted license.
Section 257.320aSectionRecording date of conviction, civil infraction determination, or probate court disposition and number of points; interview; violation committed in another state.
Section 257.606SectionRegulation of streets or highways under jurisdiction of local authority and within reasonable exercise of police power; accepted engineering practices as basis for regulations; stop sign or traffic control device requiring state trunk line highway traffic to stop; approval; posting signs giving notice of local traffic regulations; providing by ordinance for impounding of motor vehicle parked contrary to local ordinance; bond or cash deposit.
Section 257.608SectionUniform system of traffic control devices; manual.
Section 257.609SectionTraffic control devices; placement and maintenance; restrictions; county road commission, permission, costs.
Section 257.610SectionTraffic control devices; placement and maintenance by local authorities and county road commissions; compliance with manual; failure to comply with statutory provisions; sale, purchase, or manufacture of devices.
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