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Act 116 of 1954

Section 168.720SectionPolls; times of opening and closing.
Section 168.721SectionPolls; opening and closing governed by central standard time.
Section 168.722SectionPolls; announcement of opening and closing.
Section 168.723SectionBallot boxes; examination, locking.
Section 168.724SectionBallots; opening packages; distribution of pencils; unused absent voters' ballots.
Section 168.725SectionRepealed. 1955, Act 271, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1955;—1955, Act 283, Imd. Eff. July 19, 1955.
Section 168.726SectionBallots; delivery to elector.
Section 168.727SectionChallenge; duty of election inspector; indiscriminate challenge; penalty.
Section 168.728SectionChallenges; disposition.
Section 168.729SectionChallenges; oath, questions as to qualifications; false statements, penalty.
Section 168.730SectionDesignation, qualifications, and number of challengers.
Section 168.731SectionChallengers; statement of appointment by organization; contents; authorization; appointment without authorization; penalty.
Section 168.732SectionPresence of challenger in room containing ballot box; evidence of right to be present.
Section 168.733SectionChallengers; space in polling place; rights; space at counting board; expulsion for cause; protection; threat or intimidation.
Section 168.734SectionChallengers; preventing presence, penalty.
Section 168.735SectionPoll book and poll list; contents.
Section 168.736SectionVoting; ballots, delivery to electors by numbers; assistance by election inspectors.
Section 168.736aSectionMinor child in booth or compartment.
Section 168.736bSectionSecrecy sleeve; primary election; instructions.
Section 168.736cSectionSecrecy sleeve; general election; instructions.
Section 168.736dSectionSecrecy sleeve; nonpartisan election; instructions.
Section 168.736eSectionSecrecy sleeve; special election; instructions.
Section 168.736fSectionBallot marking instructions; limitation.
Section 168.736gSectionDiscontinued use of secrecy sleeve defaced, marred, or containing other mark.
Section 168.737SectionRepealed. 2012, Act 128, Imd. Eff. May 14, 2012.
Section 168.737aSectionWrite-in vote; declaration of intent; filing; death or disqualification of candidate; write-in candidate for precinct delegate; forms; information.
Section 168.738SectionVoting; ballots; folding; deposit in ballot box; rejection for exposure.
Section 168.739SectionVoting; ballots, deposit in separate boxes; label on box.
Section 168.740SectionVoting; ballots, spoiling.
Section 168.741SectionVoting; unused and spoiled ballots, preservation.
Section 168.741.amendedSectionVoting; unused and spoiled ballots; preservation.
Section 168.742SectionVoting; time for voting ballot.
Section 168.743SectionVoting; ballots, return by elector; failure, penalty.
Section 168.743.amendedSectionVoting; ballots; return by elector; failure; arrest.
Section 168.744SectionProhibited acts; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 168.744aSectionAppearance of name of elected or appointed official in polling place or room prohibited; violation; fine.
Section 168.745SectionBallot of challenged voter; endorsement, rejection.
Section 168.746SectionBallot of challenged voter; endorsement concealed, identification prohibited.
Section 168.747SectionContested election; challenged voters' ballots, identification in court.
Section 168.748SectionContested election; petition to determine qualifications of electors.
Section 168.749SectionContested elections; challenged voters' ballots, removal of slips concealing endorsements, replacement.
Section 168.750SectionElectors; exemption from civil process.
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