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Act 204 of 1987 - LOW-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE AUTHORITY ACT (333.26201 - 333.26226)
Section 333.26201 ‑ Short title.
Section 333.26202 ‑ Definitions.
Section 333.26203 ‑ Low-level radioactive waste authority; creation; autonomous entity; commissioner as head of authority; appointment, qualifications, and term of commissioner; vacancy; salary; exemption from civil service; employment of personnel.
Section 333.26204 ‑ Powers of authority generally.
Section 333.26205 ‑ Duties of authority generally.
Section 333.26206 ‑ Application for construction and operating license; agreements or contracts with person to perform responsibility of authority; notice; public comment; forwarding copy of contract.
Section 333.26207 ‑ Establishment of process permitting municipality to volunteer as host site; minimum requirement; notice; powers and duties of authority; construction of section.
Section 333.26208 ‑ Siting criteria advisory committee; establishment; independent entity; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; powers of committee; vacancy; quorum; action by committee; staff and services; assistance to committee; meetings; notice; reimbursement for expenses.
Section 333.26209 ‑ Final siting criteria; establishment; review and consideration of proposed siting criteria; draft version; public hearing.
Section 333.26210 ‑ Final siting criteria; establishment; minimum requirement.
Section 333.26211 ‑ Designation of 3 qualified candidate sites; exclusion of certain sites; preference to be given certain sites; waiver of criteria; notice; public hearing.
Section 333.26212 ‑ Site characterization; comprehensive baseline environmental monitoring program; data; access to candidate site.
Section 333.26213 ‑ Review board; establishment; purpose; public hearings; recommendations; appointment and qualifications of members; chairperson; quorum; meetings; notice; reimbursement for expenses.
Section 333.26214 ‑ Local monitoring committee; establishment; purpose; powers and duties; disbandment; duration.
Section 333.26215 ‑ Preliminary designation of host site; transmittal and availability of information; rejection of site; terms of agreement; design and construction of disposal site; “legislative working day” defined.
Section 333.26216 ‑ Negotiations; final report; final summary; appointment of arbitration committee; arbitration and resolution of issues; written final agreement; copies; meetings of arbitration committee; cessation of arbitration; decision by chairperson; final arbitration report; costs of chairperson; statement; incorporation of final determinations into final complete agreement.
Section 333.26217 ‑ International low-level radioactive waste research and education institute; establishment; agreements; independent entity; board of governors; appointment, qualifications, and terms of governors; powers and duties of institute; vacancy; quorum; action of board; meetings; general operating expenses; compensation of governor; formation of private nonprofit corporation; reports; availability of writings.
Section 333.26218 ‑ Report and recommendations; preparation and submission.
Section 333.26218a ‑ Report by generator; contents; preparation and presentation of summary.
Section 333.26219 ‑ Establishment of fee system for disposal site; assurance of sufficient funding; creation of remedial action fund, long-term liability fund, long-term care fund, and tax contingency fund; administration; disposition of income and earnings; expenditure of funds; surcharges; increase of fees; basis of fee system; disposition of revenues.
Section 333.26219a ‑ Michigan as host state; agreement to include provision providing penalty for default.
Section 333.26220 ‑ Low-level radioactive waste management fund; creation; administration; appropriations; expenditures; sources of revenue; exemption of assets from taxation; preservation and use of assets.
Section 333.26220a ‑ Bonds.
Section 333.26221 ‑ Repealed. 1994, Act 434, Imd. Eff. Jan. 6, 1995.
Section 333.26222 ‑ Noncompliance.
Section 333.26223 ‑ Annual report.
Section 333.26224 ‑ Assistance from other department or agencies; reimbursement for costs.
Section 333.26225 ‑ Annual appropriation.
Section 333.26226 ‑ Conditional effective date.

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