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Michigan Legislature
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 140 of 2017
House: Adjourned until Tuesday, November 28, 2017 1:30:00 PM
Senate: Adjourned until Tuesday, November 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Michigan Legislature

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Michigan Manual 2015-2016

Introduction and Preface to the Michigan Manual
CHAPTER III Entire chapter as a single document
CHAPTER III - The Legislative Branch pages 123-124
  The Legislative Branch - Introduction pages 125-126
  The Legislative Branch - Members, Organization, Procedures, Sessions pages 127-136
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Members page 137
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Districts pages 138-139
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Committees pages 140-142
  The Legislative Branch -Senate Biographies page 143
    State Senator Jim Ananich page 144
    State Senator Steven M. Bieda page 144
    State Senator Darwin L. Booherpage 145
    State Senator Jack Brandenberg page 145
    State Senator Tom Casperson page 146
    State Senator Patrick ColBeck page 147
    State Senator Judy K. Emmons page 147
    State Senator Mike Green page 148
    State Senator Vincent Gregory page 149
    State Senator Goeff Hansen page 149
    State Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr.page 150
    State Senator Dave Hildenbrand page 150
    State Senator Morris Hood III page 151
    State Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood page 151
    State Senator Kenneth B. Horn page 152
    State Senator Joe Hune page 152
    State Senator Bert Johnson page 153
    State Senator Rick Jones page 153
    State Senator David Knezek page 154
    State Senator Marty Knollenberg page 154
    State Senator Mike Kowall page 155
    State Senator Peter MacGregor page 156
    State Senator Jim Marleau page 156
    State Senator Arlan B. Meekhof page 157
    State Senator Mike Nofs page 157
    State Senator Margaret O'Brien page 158
    State Senator Phil Pavlov page 158
    State Senator John Proos page 159
    State Senator David B. Robertson page 159
    State Senator Tory Rocca page 160
    State Senator Wayne Schmidt page 160
    State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker page 161
    State Senator Mike Shirkey page 161
    State Senator Virgil Smith page 162
    State Senator Jim Stamas page 162
    State Senator Rebekah Warren page 163
    State Senator Coleman Young II page 164
    State Senator Dale W. Zorn page 164
  The Legislative Branch - House Members pages 165-166
  The Legislative Branch - House Districts pages 167-170
  The Legislative Branch - House Committees pages 171-174
  The Legislative Branch - House Biographies page 175
    State Representative Chris Afendoulis page 176
    State Representative Brian Banks page 176
    State Representative Tom Barrett page 177
    State Representative John Bizon, M.D. page 177
    State Representative Winnie Brinks page 178
    State Representative Charles M. Brunner page 178
    State Representative Jon Bumstead page 179
    State Representative Wendell Byrd page 179
    State Representative Mike Callton, D.C. page 180
    State Representative Edward Canfield page 180
    State Representative Stephanie Chang page 181
    State Representative Lee Chatfield page 181
    State Representative John Chirkun page 182
    State Representative Paul Clemente page 182
    State Representative Tom Cochran page 183
    State Representative Triston Cole page 183
    State Representative Kevin Cotter page 184
    State Representative Todd Courser page 184
    State Representative Laura Cox page 185
    State Representative Kathy Crawford page 185
    State Representative George T. Darnay page 186
    State Representative Scott Dianda page 186
    State Representative Brandon Dillon page 187
    State Representative Gretchen Driskell page 187
    State Representative Fred Durhal, III page 188
    State Representative Pam Faris page 188
    State Representative Jeff Farrington page 189
    State Representative Anthony G. Forlini page 189
    State Representative Ray A. Franz page 190
    State Representative Cindy Gamrat page 190
    State Representative Daniela Garcia page 191
    State Representative LaTanya Garrett page 191
    State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnago page 192
    State Representative Erika Geiss page 192
    State Representative Ben Glardon page 193
    State Representative Gary Glenn page 193
    State Representative Ken Goike page 194
    State Representative Joseph Graves page 194
    State Representative Christine Greig page 195
    State Representative Tim Greimel page 195
    State Representative Vanessa Guerra page 196
    State Representative Kurt Heise page 196
    State Representative Jon Hoadley page 197
    State Representative Thomas B. Hooker page 197
    State Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright page 198
    State Representative Martin Howrylak page 198
    State Representative Holly Hughes page 199
    State Representative Brandt Iden page 199
    State Representative Larry Inman page 200
    State Representative Jeff Irwin page 200
    State Representative Bradford C. Jacobsen page 201
    State Representative Nancy E. Jenkins page 201
    State Representative Joel Johnson page 202
    State Representative Tim Kelly page 202
    State Representative Klint Kesto page 203
    State Representative John Kivela page 203
    State Representative Robert L. Kosowski page 204
    State Representative Andrea LaFontaine page 204
    State Representative Marilyn Lane page 205
    State Representative Dan Lauwers page 205
    State Representative Bill LaVoy page 206
    State Representative Tom Leonard page 206
    State Representative Eric Leutheuser page 207
    State Representative Frank Liberati page 207
    State Representative Leslie Love page 208
    State Representative Peter Lucido page 208
    State Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons page 209
    State Representative David Maturen page 209
    State Representative Ed McBroom page 210
    State Representative Mike McCready page 210
    State Representative Aaron Miller page 211
    State Representative Derek E. Miller page 211
    State Representative Jeremy Moss page 212
    State Representative Paul Muxlow page 212
    State Representative Sheldon Neeley page 213
    State Representative Aric Nesbitt page 213
    State Representative Rick Outman page 214
    State Representative Kristy Pagan page 214
    State Representative Dave Pagel page 215
    State Representative Peter Pettalia page 215
    State Representative Phil Phelps page 216
    State Representative Julie Plawecki page 216
    State Representative Earl Poleski page 217
    State Representative Phil Potvin page 217
    State Representative Amanda Price page 218
    State Representative Al Pscholka page 218
    State Representative Bruce R. Rendon page 219
    State Representative Brett Roberts page 219
    State Representative Sarah Roberts page 220
    State Representative Rose Mary Robinson page 220
    State Representative Jim Runestad page 221
    State Representative David Rutledge page 221
    State Representative Harvey Santana page 222
    State Representative Andy Schor page 222
    State Representative Jason Sheppard page 223
    State Representative Samir Singh page 223
    State Representative Charles Smiley page 224
    State Representative Pat Somerville page 224
    State Representative Jim Tedder page 225
    State Representative Lana Theis page 225
    State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi page 226
    State Representative Jim Townsend page 226
    State Representative Henry Vaupel page 227
    State Representative Rob VerHuelen page 227
    State Representative Roger Victory page 228
    State Representative Michale Webber page 228
    State Representative Robert Wittenberg page 229
    State Representative Henry Yanez page 229
    State Representative Ken Yonker page 230
    State Representative Adam F. Zemke page 230
  Legislative and Congressional Representation by County, 2015-2016 pages 231-236
  Legislative Officers and Agencies pages 237-247
  Former Legislatures and Legislative Officers Territorial Legislatures 1824-1835 First Legislative Council — First and Second Sessions pages 248-250
  Former State Legislatures, 1835-2014 pages 251-255
  Senate Majority Leaders / Presidents Pro Tempore of the State Senate, 1835-2015 pages 256-257
  Secretaries of the State Senate, 1835-2015 page 258
  Speakers of the House of Representatives page 259-260
  Speakers Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives, 1835-2015/Clerks of the House of Representatives, 1835-2015pages 261-262
  Sources of Michigan Legislative Informationpages 263-266

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