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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

174-1962-2 - ARTICLE 2 SALES (440.2101...440.2725)
     Section 440.2101 ‑ Uniform commercial code—sales; short title.
     Section 440.2102 ‑ Application of article; security and other transactions excluded.
     Section 440.2103 ‑ Article 2; definitions.
     Section 440.2104 ‑ “Merchant," “financing agency,” and “between merchants” defined.
     Section 440.2105 ‑ Goods, lot, commercial unit; definitions.
     Section 440.2106 ‑ Contract, agreement, contract for sale, sale, present sale; definitions of certain terms.
     Section 440.2107 ‑ Contract for sale of property removable or severable from realty as contract for sale of goods; third party rights; execution and recording as notice to third parties.
174‑1962‑2‑2 ‑ PART 2 FORM, FORMATION AND READJUSTMENT OF CONTRACTS (440.2201...440.2210)
     Section 440.2201 ‑ Formal requirements; statute of frauds.
     Section 440.2202 ‑ Final written expression of agreement; parol or extrinsic evidence.
     Section 440.2203 ‑ Seals.
     Section 440.2204 ‑ Contract for sale; formation, conduct, time, open terms.
     Section 440.2205 ‑ Firm offers.
     Section 440.2206 ‑ Offer and acceptance in formation of contract.
     Section 440.2207 ‑ Additional or different terms in acceptance; contract by conduct.
     Section 440.2208 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 86, Eff. July 1, 2013.
     Section 440.2209 ‑ Modification; rescission; waiver, retraction.
     Section 440.2210 ‑ Delegation of performance; assignment of rights.
     Section 440.2301 ‑ Obligations of seller and buyer.
     Section 440.2302 ‑ Unconscionable contract or clause.
     Section 440.2303 ‑ Allocation or division of risk or burden.
     Section 440.2304 ‑ Price; payment in money, goods, realty, or otherwise.
     Section 440.2305 ‑ Open price term; fixed price.
     Section 440.2306 ‑ Output of seller; requirement of buyer; exclusive dealing.
     Section 440.2307 ‑ Delivery in single lot or several lots; payment.
     Section 440.2308 ‑ Place for delivery of goods and documents of title.
     Section 440.2309 ‑ Time of performance; contract termination.
     Section 440.2310 ‑ Open time and place for payment or running of credit; shipment under reservation; inspection.
     Section 440.2311 ‑ Specification of performance; assortment and shipment of goods; remedies.
     Section 440.2312 ‑ Warranties of title; freedom from liens.
     Section 440.2313 ‑ Creation of express warranties by seller.
     Section 440.2313b ‑ Express warranty; extension; merchant or warrantor to give purchaser writing stating time period.
     Section 440.2314 ‑ Implied warranty; merchantability, course of dealing, usage of trade.
     Section 440.2315 ‑ Implied warranty; fitness for particular purpose.
     Section 440.2316 ‑ Words or conduct relevant to creation of express warranty and tending to negate or limit warranty; construction; excluding or modifying implied warranty of merchantability and implied warranty of fitness; language; example; limiting remedies for breach of warranty.
     Section 440.2317 ‑ Warranties; cumulation and conflict.
     Section 440.2318 ‑ Warranties; third party beneficiaries.
     Section 440.2319 ‑ F.O.B. and F.A.S. terms.
     Section 440.2320 ‑ C.I.F. and C. & F. terms.
     Section 440.2321 ‑ C.I.F. and C. & F. terms, net landed weights, delivered weights, out turn; warranty of condition on arrival, inspection before payment.
     Section 440.2322 ‑ Delivery exship.
     Section 440.2323 ‑ Overseas shipment; bill of lading, form.
     Section 440.2324 ‑ No arrival, no sale terms.
     Section 440.2325 ‑ Letter of credit or banker's credit; confirmed credit; definitions.
     Section 440.2326 ‑ Transaction as “sale on approval” or “sale or return” if delivered goods returnable by buyer; claims of creditors; effect of “or return” term of contract for sale; work of fine art not subject to claims of art dealer's creditors; “art dealer,”“commission,” and “fine art” defined.
     Section 440.2327 ‑ Sale on approval; sale or return; special incidents.
     Section 440.2328 ‑ Sale by auction; sale with reserve; forced sale.
174‑1962‑2‑4 ‑ PART 4 TITLE, CREDITORS AND GOOD FAITH PURCHASERS (440.2401...440.2403)
     Section 440.2401 ‑ Passing of title; reservation for security; limited application of section; rejection; revesting.
     Section 440.2402 ‑ Rights of seller's creditors against sold goods.
     Section 440.2403 ‑ Purchasers and transferees; title, rights, and powers to transfer goods; entrusting.
174‑1962‑2‑5 ‑ PART 5 PERFORMANCE (440.2501...440.2515)
     Section 440.2501 ‑ Special property and insurable interest in goods; identification of goods.
     Section 440.2502 ‑ Special property and insurable interest in goods.
     Section 440.2503 ‑ Tender of delivery by seller; shipment; destination; goods in possession of bailee; documents.
     Section 440.2504 ‑ Delivery by shipment; contract with carrier, documents, notice.
     Section 440.2505 ‑ Shipment with and without reservation by seller.
     Section 440.2506 ‑ Financing agency; rights; reimbursement.
     Section 440.2507 ‑ Tender of delivery; conditions, payment.
     Section 440.2508 ‑ Improper delivery; cure, replacement.
     Section 440.2509 ‑ Risk of loss; absence of breach.
     Section 440.2510 ‑ Risk of loss; effect of breach.
     Section 440.2511 ‑ Payment by buyer; tender, check.
     Section 440.2512 ‑ Payment by buyer; inspection, nonconforming goods.
     Section 440.2513 ‑ Inspection by buyer; time, expenses, place, method.
     Section 440.2514 ‑ Documents; delivery to drawee on acceptance or payment.
     Section 440.2515 ‑ Adjustment of dispute; preservation of evidence, inspection.
174‑1962‑2‑6 ‑ PART 6 BREACH, REPUDIATION AND EXCUSE (440.2601...440.2616)
     Section 440.2601 ‑ Improper delivery; buyer's rights.
     Section 440.2602 ‑ Rejection of goods.
     Section 440.2603 ‑ Rejection of goods; merchant buyer's duties.
     Section 440.2604 ‑ Rejection of goods; buyer's options.
     Section 440.2605 ‑ Rejection of goods; failure of buyer to particularize defect.
     Section 440.2606 ‑ Acceptance of goods; occurrence.
     Section 440.2607 ‑ Acceptance of goods; effect; notice of breach; burden of establishing breach; notice of claim or litigation to person answerable.
     Section 440.2608 ‑ Acceptance of goods; revocation, time, notice, effect.
     Section 440.2609 ‑ Contract for sale; performance; insecurity, demand, assurance of due performance.
     Section 440.2610 ‑ Anticipatory repudiation.
     Section 440.2611 ‑ Anticipatory repudiation; retraction.
     Section 440.2612 ‑ Installment contract; breach.
     Section 440.2613 ‑ Casualty to identified goods; total loss; partial loss, option of buyer.
     Section 440.2614 ‑ Substituted performance; acceptance, payment.
     Section 440.2615 ‑ Failure of presupposed conditions; nondelivery, partial delivery, excuse.
     Section 440.2616 ‑ Procedure on notice claiming excuse.
174‑1962‑2‑7 ‑ PART 7 REMEDIES (440.2701...440.2725)
     Section 440.2701 ‑ Collateral or ancillary contracts; remedies for breach.
     Section 440.2702 ‑ Insolvency of buyer; remedies of seller.
     Section 440.2703 ‑ Buyer's wrongful rejection, revocation of acceptance, or nonpayment; remedies of seller.
     Section 440.2704 ‑ Buyer's wrongful rejection, revocation of acceptance, or nonpayment; identification of goods; resale; salvage.
     Section 440.2705 ‑ Stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise; conditions; notice to bailee.
     Section 440.2706 ‑ Buyer's wrongful rejection, revocation of acceptance, or nonpayment; resale by seller; recovery of loss; notice to buyer; profit.
     Section 440.2707 ‑ Person in the position of a seller.
     Section 440.2708 ‑ Nonacceptance or repudiation; seller's damages.
     Section 440.2709 ‑ Nonpayment; action for price, damages.
     Section 440.2710 ‑ Seller's incidental damages.
     Section 440.2711 ‑ Nondelivery, repudiation, rejection, or revocation of acceptance; buyer's remedies; security interest in goods.
     Section 440.2712 ‑ Cover; procurement of substitute goods; buyer's damages.
     Section 440.2713 ‑ Nondelivery or repudiation; buyer's damages.
     Section 440.2714 ‑ Accepted goods; buyer's damages for breach.
     Section 440.2715 ‑ Buyer's incidental and consequential damages.
     Section 440.2716 ‑ Specific performance; replevin; claim and delivery.
     Section 440.2717 ‑ Deduction of damages from price; notice.
     Section 440.2718 ‑ Liquidation and limitation of damages; restitution to buyers.
     Section 440.2719 ‑ Contractual modification or limitation of remedies.
     Section 440.2720 ‑ Cancellation, rescission, antecedent breach.
     Section 440.2721 ‑ Remedies for misrepresentation or fraud.
     Section 440.2722 ‑ Right of action against third party for injury to goods.
     Section 440.2723 ‑ Evidence of market price; time, place, surprise.
     Section 440.2724 ‑ Evidence of market price; market quotations, admissibility.
     Section 440.2725 ‑ Statute of limitations in contracts for sale; contractual reduction.

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