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Act 284 of 1972
Chapter 7A

Section 450.1775SectionMeanings of words and phrases; inconsistent provisions.
Section 450.1776SectionDefinitions; A, B.
Section 450.1777SectionDefinitions; C, D.
Section 450.1778SectionDefinitions; E to S.
Section 450.1779SectionDefinitions; V.
Section 450.1780SectionAdvisory statement and approval.
Section 450.1781SectionConditions for inapplicability of vote to business combination; inapplicability of certain provisions.
Section 450.1782SectionApplicability of MCL 450.1780; resolution.
Section 450.1783SectionApplicability of MCL 450.1780; interested shareholder; resolution; election.
Section 450.1784SectionCertain business corporations excepted from requirements of MCL 450.1780; shareholders considered as single beneficial owner.
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