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Act 78 of 1971
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Act 78 of 1971

AN ACT to prescribe and regulate the functions of charitable trusts and trustees; and to prescribe the functions of the attorney general in relation thereto.

History: 1971, Act 78, Imd. Eff. July 31, 1971

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 14.271SectionShort title.
Section 14.272SectionDefinitions.
Section 14.273SectionApplicability of act.
Section 14.274SectionTrustee of private foundation or split interest trust; duties, and powers generally.
Section 14.275SectionTax exemption, deduction, or credit; distributions; prohibited conduct.
Section 14.276SectionSplit interest trust; applicability of section 14.275(3)(b) and (c).
Section 14.277SectionDistributions; trust investment more restrictive than or inconsistent with this act; notice to attorney general.
Section 14.278SectionAmendment of trust instrument.
Section 14.279SectionTrustee; relief from restrictions of trust instrument.
Section 14.280SectionTrustee; release of power to select charitable donee.
Section 14.281SectionDelivery of release; effect of specifying public charitable organization as beneficiary.
Section 14.282SectionPublic charitable trust; supervision by specified public charitable organization.
Section 14.283SectionFiling copy of trust instrument and report with specified public charitable organization.
Section 14.284SectionEffect of delivery of release and acceptance thereof; supervisory authority of public charitable organization.
Section 14.285SectionTermination or dissolution of private foundation trust; consent of attorney general.
Section 14.286SectionAction to enforce act.
Section 14.287SectionInterpretation of act.
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