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Act 175 of 1927
Chapter XIV

Section 774.1SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.1aSectionArraignment of accused charged with misdemeanor or ordinance violation; reading charge to accused; entering plea in court's minutes.
Section 774.1bSectionPlea of not guilty or refusal to plead; setting date for trial; right to trial by jury; election.
Section 774.1cSectionPlea of guilty or nolo contendere; judgment.
Section 774.1dSectionAcquittal of accused in misdemeanor or ordinance violation case; discharge; costs.
Section 774.1eSectionRefusal by, or neglect of, complainant to pay costs; judgment; execution; disposition of money collected.
Section 774.2SectionDocket; contents; form; filing.
Section 774.2aSectionDocket; cover or binder for docket sheets; alphabetical index; forms and dockets to be furnished by county.
Section 774.2bSectionFile for criminal case; contents.
Section 774.3SectionDockets, files, and indexes as public records; inspection and examination; delivery of completed dockets with indexes to county clerk; destruction of files.
Section 774.3aSectionDocket; admissibility as evidence.
Section 774.4-774.8SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.9SectionAuthority of municipal court judge to issue subpoena and administer oaths in misdemeanor and ordinance violation cases.
Section 774.10SectionJurors or witness; failure to appear or refusal to be sworn or to testify; liability.
Section 774.11SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.12SectionSummoning jury of 6 persons; method.
Section 774.13SectionDirecting disinterested person to strike out names for parties; issuance of venire.
Section 774.14SectionPolice officer to summon jurors; list; returning list with venire to court.
Section 774.15SectionSupplying deficiency in number of jurors.
Section 774.16SectionFormer service as juror as cause for challenge.
Section 774.17SectionPeremptory challenges.
Section 774.18SectionNew jury; continuation of proceedings; consent to trial by court.
Section 774.19SectionOath or affirmation to be administered jurors in misdemeanor or ordinance violation case.
Section 774.20SectionJurors; sitting together and hearing proofs and allegations; agreement on verdict or discharge; officer to take charge of jury.
Section 774.21SectionJurors; delivery of verdict; fees; certificate.
Section 774.22SectionJudgment and sentence; costs and expenses; punishment.
Section 774.22a, 774.22bSectionRepealed. 1990, Act 219, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1990.
Section 774.22cSectionPsychiatrists and expenses of confinement; reference.
Section 774.23-774.25SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.26SectionFines and costs.
Section 774.26aSectionBlank forms for recording information concerning money received in criminal case; approval; completion.
Section 774.26bSectionBlank receipt forms; use; copies.
Section 774.26cSectionAccount in financial institution for money received in criminal cases; deposits and withdrawals; secured deposits; limitation on acceptable assets; “financial institution” defined.
Section 774.26dSectionNoncompliance as misdemeanor.
Section 774.27SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.28SectionNeglecting to pay fine or costs; action by county treasurer; neglecting to pay over fine to county treasurer as misdemeanor; punishment; judge to keep exact record of proceedings; liability.
Section 774.29, 774.30SectionRepealed. 1957, Act 274, Eff. Sept. 27, 1957.
Section 774.31SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.32, 774.33SectionRepealed. 1957, Act 274, Eff. Sept. 27, 1957.
Section 774.34SectionAppeal to circuit court; practice and procedure.
Section 774.35-774.41SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.42SectionCircuit court; continuing recognizance or requiring new recognizance; default.
Section 774.43SectionCircuit court; discharge of defendant if found not guilty; entering judgment, sentence, and imposing costs if defendant convicted on appeal; remanding defendant back to county jail; credit for fine paid.
Section 774.44SectionWithdrawal or dismissal of appeal; order revoking recognizance and directing sentence be carried out.
Section 774.45SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 774.46SectionIssuing writs and process; construction.
Section 774.47SectionMunicipal court having more than 1 judge; powers of any judge in connection with trial and disposition of case.
Section 774.48SectionDelivery of files, indexes, and dockets to successor of municipal judge; audit of judge's records; audit report; certificate; effectiveness.
Section 774.49SectionMunicipal court to be governed by statutes and supreme court rules applicable to district court; exceptions.
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