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Section 421.21

Act 1 of 1936 (Ex. Sess.)

421.21 Copies or listings of benefit checks charged against employer's account; copies as final determination; statement of total benefits charged against rating account; notice to employer of contribution rate; finality of statement or determination; extension; review and redetermination; appeal; hearing; adjustment of contribution.

Sec. 21.

  (a) The commission shall currently provide each employer with copies or listings of the benefit checks charged against that employer's account. An employer determined by the agency to be a successor employer shall begin receiving the listings effective for weeks beginning after the mailing of the determination of successorship. The copies or listings shall show the name and social security account number of the payee, the amount paid, the date of issuance, the week of unemployment for which the check was issued, the name or account number of the chargeable employer, upon request a code designation of the place of employment by the chargeable employer, and additional information as may be deemed pertinent. The copies or listings shall constitute a determination of the charge to the employer's account. The determination shall be final unless further proceedings are taken in accordance with section 32a.
  The commission shall furnish at least quarterly, to each employer, a statement summarizing the total of the benefits charged against the employer's account during the period. If the employer requests, the summary shall be broken down by places of employment.
  The commission shall notify each employer, not later than 6 months after the computation date, of his rate of contributions as determined for any calendar year pursuant to section 19. The statement or determination shall be final unless further proceedings are taken in accordance with section 32a. However, on request an employer shall be given an extension of 30 days' additional time in which to apply for the review and redetermination.
  (b) An employer who is not in agreement with a redetermination of the amount of insured payrolls used in computing the employer's experience account percentage, or the computation of the amount of benefits charged or contributions credited to the experience account, or the computation of the adjusted contribution rate issued under section 32a may, within 30 days after mailing of the notice of redetermination, file an appeal and request a hearing on the issue before an administrative law judge.
  (c) A contribution becoming due and payable while a rate determination is under review or protest may be paid at the rate assessed by the commission for the previous year, but it shall be adjusted by the commission when the proper rate is determined. If an adjustment requires an additional payment from an employer, the additional payment shall be considered as a delinquent contribution as provided by section 15(a).

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