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328-1931-XXVA - CHAPTER XXVA CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES (750.159f...750.159x)
Section 750.159f ‑ Definitions generally.
Section 750.159g ‑ "Racketeering" defined.
Section 750.159h ‑ “Records” or “documenting materials” and “substituted proceeds” defined.
Section 750.159i ‑ Prohibited conduct.
Section 750.159j ‑ Violation as felony; penalties; imposition of costs; order to criminally forfeit property; additional authority of court; conditions for entering order of criminal forfeiture; attorney fees; determination of extent of property; property not reachable; retention of property by law enforcement agency; disposition of money seized; seizure; other criminal or civil remedies not precluded.
Section 750.159k ‑ Order of criminal forfeiture; notice; hearing to determine validity of claim of property interest; petition; consolidation of hearings; testimony and evidence; amendment of order.
Section 750.159l ‑ Jurisdiction of court; notification of persons with property interest.
Section 750.159m ‑ Property subject to civil in rem forfeiture; exceptions; encumbrances; attorney fees.
Section 750.159n ‑ Seizure of property subject to civil in rem forfeiture; petition; filing; personal or intangible property; determination by court; seizure without process; circumstances; lien notice against real property; notice and hearing required; return of property to crime victim; exceptions; custody of property by seizing agency.
Section 750.159o ‑ Notice requirements.
Section 750.159p ‑ Verified claim stating interest in property or proceeds.
Section 750.159q ‑ Burden of proof; evidence; return or disposal of property; notice; estoppel from denial of allegations in civil trial; admissibility of testimony.
Section 750.159r ‑ Sale of seized property by unit of government; disposal of received money; order of priority; appointment, compensation, and duties of receiver.
Section 750.159s ‑ Commencement of action.
Section 750.159t ‑ Seizure of constitutionally protected materials.
Section 750.159u ‑ Civil cause of action not created by chapter.
Section 750.159v ‑ Forfeiture proceeding under other law not precluded.
Section 750.159w ‑ Activities unrelated to prohibited activities of enterprise.
Section 750.159x ‑ Notice of proposed investigation to attorney general.

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