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House Bill 4966 (1995) rss

Carl Gnodtke  - (primary)Kim Rhead , John Gernaat , Allen Lowe , Sandra Hill , James Middaugh , Robert Brackenridge , Harold Voorhees , Beverly Bodem , Eric Bush , Roland Jersevic , Terry London , Jessie Dalman , Walter DeLange , Thomas Middleton , William Bobier , Robert DeMars
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Categories  Natural resources, wetlands; Agriculture, products; State agencies (existing), natural resources

Natural resources; wetlands; classification of cranberry farming; revise and exempt from wetlands act. Amends sec. 30305 of Act 451 of 1994 (MCL 324.30305).

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History(House actions in lowercase, Senate actions in UPPERCASE)
Date JournalAction
6/15/1995HJ 57 Pg. 1890referred to Committee on Conservation, Environment and Great Lakes
10/17/1995HJ 73 Pg. 2403reported with recommendation
10/17/1995HJ 73 Pg. 2403referred to second reading
12/12/1995HJ 91 Pg. 3146referred to Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

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