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Act 185 of 1957 - COUNTY DEPARTMENT AND BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS (123.731 - 123.786)
***** 123.785 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 200 OF 2018 EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 *****

185‑1957‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS (123.731...123.747)
     Section 123.731 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 123.732 ‑ Establishment and control of department of public works; exception; board of public works; appointment, qualifications, terms, and removal of members; designation or removal as board; authority, powers, and duties of designee; board as agency of county; rules; compensation; status of department of public works in county organized under MCL 45.501 to 45.521; authority, powers, and duties of county executive or chief county administrative officer; authority and powers of county board of commissioners.
     Section 123.733 ‑ Board of public works; officers.
     Section 123.734 ‑ Board of public works; action by motion or resolution; record of proceedings; signature; availability of record or other writings to public; quorum; regular meetings; notice of special meeting; waiver of notice; conducting business at public meeting; public notice of meeting or hearing.
     Section 123.735 ‑ Expenses and expenditures of board of public works.
     Section 123.736 ‑ Board of public works; director; project costs; civil service.
     Section 123.737 ‑ Powers of county; administration by board of public works.
     Section 123.738 ‑ Acquiring systems or making lake improvements outside corporate limits.
     Section 123.739 ‑ Water supply and sewage disposal or refuse systems; service to municipalities and individual users.
     Section 123.740 ‑ County water supply, sewage disposal or refuse system, lake improvements, or erosion control system; approval; plans and specifications; merger or combination of systems; resolution; contract.
     Section 123.741 ‑ Methods of financing systems or improvements.
     Section 123.742 ‑ Contracts authorized; methods of paying contractual obligations; special assessments; exercise of powers; validation of contracts.
     Section 123.743 ‑ Project special assessment district; municipal special assessments.
     Section 123.744 ‑ Methods of acquiring property; disposition of real property; condemnation procedure; use continued without resolution or contract.
     Section 123.744a ‑ Validation of certain bonds or notes; contest prohibited.
     Section 123.745 ‑ Water supply or sewage disposal or refuse systems; municipality service contract with county; county contracts.
     Section 123.746 ‑ Water supply or sewage disposal or refuse systems; project costs.
     Section 123.747 ‑ Failure to pay amounts required under contract or assessment; notice; deduction; other remedies for reimbursement; tax levy.
185‑1957‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE (123.751...123.763)
     Section 123.751 ‑ Special assessments for project.
     Section 123.752 ‑ Special assessments; plans, estimate of costs, designation of district, hearing on objections, notice, additions.
     Section 123.753 ‑ Special assessments; final determination of district; special assessment roll.
     Section 123.754 ‑ Special assessments; confirmation of roll.
     Section 123.755 ‑ Special assessments; annual installments; interest on unpaid installments; spreading installments on tax rolls; advance payment; issuance of bonds subject to revised municipal finance act.
     Section 123.756 ‑ Special assessments; certification of amounts to be spread.
     Section 123.757 ‑ Special assessments; collection.
     Section 123.758 ‑ Special assessments; lien.
     Section 123.759 ‑ Special assessments; apportionment on division of parcels.
     Section 123.760 ‑ Special assessments; prorated deficiency or surplus of collection.
     Section 123.761 ‑ Special assessments; curative proceedings.
     Section 123.762 ‑ Special assessments; exempted lands; agreement to pay assessment.
     Section 123.763 ‑ Delinquent special assessments; advancement by municipality; reimbursement; reassessment.
185‑1957‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 CONDEMNATION PROCEDURE (123.771...123.786)
     Section 123.771 ‑ Condemnation; authority.
     Section 123.772 ‑ Condemnation; declaration of necessity.
     Section 123.773 ‑ Petition; contents.
     Section 123.774 ‑ Petition; court order for hearing.
     Section 123.775 ‑ Petition; publication of order; service on named defendants.
     Section 123.776 ‑ Court commissioners; appointment; discontinuance of proceedings.
     Section 123.777 ‑ Court commissioners; meetings; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; adjournment; subpoenas; oaths; viewing premises; hearing proofs and allegations; availability of report and other writings to public.
     Section 123.778 ‑ Court commissioners; determination of necessity, damages, report.
     Section 123.779 ‑ Multiple petitions; descriptions.
     Section 123.780 ‑ Report of court commissioners; court orders.
     Section 123.781 ‑ Report of court commissioners; confirmation, orders for payment of witness fees, attorney fees, damages.
     Section 123.782 ‑ Compensation of court commissioners; expenses.
     Section 123.783 ‑ Review by certiorari; procedure; time limitation.
     Section 123.784 ‑ Court orders; service.
     Section 123.785 ‑ Prima facie evidence of ownership.
     Section 123.786 ‑ Lis pendens; filing.

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