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Section 700.1005

Act 59 of 2016

700.1005 Access and use of digital assets; change or impairment of right of digital custodian or user under terms-of-service agreement; new or expanded rights; modification or elimination of access to digital assets.

Sec. 5.

(1) This act does not change or impair a right of a digital custodian or a user under a terms-of-service agreement to access and use digital assets of the user.

(2) This act does not give a fiduciary or designated recipient any new or expanded rights other than those held by the user for whom, or for whose estate, the fiduciary or designated recipient acts or who the fiduciary or designated recipient represents.

(3) A fiduciary's or designated recipient's access to digital assets may be modified or eliminated by a user, by federal law, or by a terms-of-service agreement if the user has not provided direction under section 4.

History: 2016, Act 59, Eff. June 27, 2016

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