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Section 423.201SectionDefinitions; rights of public employees.
Section 423.209SectionPublic employees; rights; prohibited conduct; violation.
Section 423.210SectionProhibited conduct by public employer or officer or agent; prohibited conduct by labor organization; conduct not required as condition for obtaining or continuing public employment; exception; enforceability of agreement, contract, understanding, or practice; jurisdiction of court; appropriation; violation; audit of expenditures by bargaining representative; civil action.
Section 423.214SectionElections; eligibility to vote; rules; runoff election; effect of collective bargaining agreement; bargaining unit of public employer consisting of individuals not public employees as invalid and void.
Section 423.215SectionCollective bargaining; duties of employer and employees' representative; prohibited subjects between public school employer and bargaining representative of employee; placement of public school in state school reform/redesign school district or under chief executive officer; effect of local government and school district fiscal accountability act; selection method for certain departments or boards; prohibited subjects of bargaining; duties.