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Section 324.2511

Act 451 of 1994

324.2511 Designation as "green school"; environmental stewardship designation; criteria; approval or rejection of application.

Sec. 2511.

(1) A public or private school in this state may apply to be designated as a "green school" by submitting an application to the entity designated under subsection (4) by the county in which the school is located. A school is eligible to receive a green school, emerald school, or evergreen school environmental stewardship designation under this section if the school or students perform the required number of activities, with a minimum of 2 activities from each of the categories described in subsection (2), as follows:

(a) Green school - 10.

(b) Emerald school - 15.

(c) Evergreen school - 20.

(2) The activities in the following 4 categories qualify toward an environmental stewardship designation under this section:

(a) Recycling category, which includes the following activities:

(i) Coordinating a program for recycling at least 2 of the following: office paper, plastic, metal cans, printer cartridges, newspapers and magazines, cellular telephones, cardboard, fabric and clothing, compact discs and digital video discs, or glass.

(ii) Composting food and organic wastes.

(iii) Conducting a waste-free lunch program.

(iv) Implementing a policy to buy recycled, biodegradable, locally produced, or less toxic food and school supplies.

(b) Energy category, which includes the following activities:

(i) Offering at least 1 teaching unit on alternative energy.

(ii) Using alternative energy, renewable fuels, or specialized energy-efficient technology in school operations.

(iii) Implementing a school energy-saving program.

(iv) Performing energy audits at student homes and educating student families and the community.

(v) Taking part in a project or event to promote improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

(vi) Sponsoring an alternative energy presentation, project, or event.

(c) Environmental protection category, which includes the following activities:

(i) Participating in activities promoting the health of the Great Lakes watershed.

(ii) Offering a teaching unit on environmental issues facing this state.

(iii) Establishing or maintaining a natural Michigan garden project with native plants.

(iv) Establishing or maintaining an animal habitat project.

(v) Participating in a local community environmental issue by activities such as letter-writing, attending public hearings, raising funds, or community outreach.

(d) Miscellaneous category, which includes the following activities:

(i) Adopting an endangered or threatened species and publicizing the activity.

(ii) Hosting an environmental or energy speaker, event, or field trip.

(iii) Establishing a student organization that participates in environmental activities.

(iv) Observing earth day by participating in an earth day event in April.

(v) Maintaining an updated bulletin board or kiosk with information on environmental concerns and the school's actions in addressing those concerns.

(vi) Establishing an eco-reading program.

(vii) Updating the school's media center environmental materials.

(viii) Visiting internet sites that educate about the environment and support endangered ecosystems.

(3) In addition to the activities described in subsection (2), a school may design and propose another activity, which may qualify toward an environmental stewardship designation under this section if the entity designated under subsection (4) approves the activity by December 1 of the applicable school year.

(4) A county shall designate a department of the county or the intermediate school district of the county to accept, consider, and approve or reject an application under subsection (1).

History: Add. 2006, Act 146, Imd. Eff. May 22, 2006 ;-- Am. 2010, Act 301, Imd. Eff. Dec. 16, 2010
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA

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