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Section 288.539

Act 266 of 2001

288.539 Sell-by date; requirements.

Sec. 69.

  (1) Each processor and manufacturer of milk and milk products sold in this state shall place on each container of milk and milk products a recommended last day of sale by month and date.
  (2) The sell-by date shall be expressed by the first 3 letters of the month followed by the numeral designating the appropriate calendar day or by expressing the calendar month numerically followed by a numeral designating the calendar day.
  (3) The sell-by date shall appear on that part of the container that is most likely to be displayed, presented, or shown under customary display conditions of sale. However, a cup container may have the sell-by date placed on the bottom.
  (4) The sell-by date on the container shall be legible and shall not interfere with the legibility of other information required to be on the product.
  (5) Processors and manufacturers of milk and milk products shall register the following information with the department on forms provided by the department:
  (a) The assigned sell-by date of each milk and milk product processed and the length of time between production and the sell-by date. Plant records of a testing program conducted shall substantiate this length of time by the processor or manufacturer.
  (b) The method of application and location of the sell-by date for each size and style of container.
  (c) Changes in the time interval of the sell-by date prior to the effective day of the change.
  (6) Milk and milk products shall maintain nutritional levels and shall not have a flavor change before the sell-by date.
  (7) The director shall periodically sample and analyze milk and milk products to determine if the flavor has changed by the sell-by date. Milk and milk products obtained for analysis by the director prior to the sell-by date shall be stored at a temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6.5 degrees Celsius), plus or minus 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.5 degree Celsius), until analyzed.
  (8) The processor or manufacturer of milk or milk products which do not maintain their flavor until the sell-by date shall, upon receipt of written or verbal notice from the director, make the changes necessary to improve product quality or alter the sell-by date so as to comply with the law. The processor or manufacturer is not responsible for milk and milk products when the nutritive value loss or flavor deterioration of those products can be determined to be caused by mishandling, improper storage, or lack of refrigeration at points beyond his or her control.
  (9) Milk and milk products shall not be offered for sale after the sell-by date unless they are advertised to the final consumer in a prominent manner as being beyond the recommended last day of sale.
  (10) The final seller is fully responsible for the proper advertisement of milk and milk products sold beyond the sell-by date.
  (11) Packaged fluid dairy products that exceed the sell-by date shall not be reused in any dairy products regulated by this act or the manufacturing milk law of 2001 unless a protocol for such reprocessing is approved by the department. The protocol shall include consideration of storage temperatures, bacterial counts, age past sell-by date, sight and smell grading qualities, added ingredients, and any other factors considered critical by the director.
  (12) Packaged fluid dairy products that have left the control of a dairy plant but are returned or delivered to a dairy plant, commonly referred to as "returned products", shall not be reprocessed into milk or milk products regulated under this act or the manufacturing milk law of 2001.

History: 2001, Act 266, Eff. Feb. 8, 2002 ;-- Am. 2008, Act 136, Eff. June 20, 2008

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