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Act 451 of 1994
Part 511

Section 324.51101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.51102SectionCommercial forest; scope and authority of department; rules.
Section 324.51103SectionCommercial forest; application for classification; "contiguous" defined; requirements for eligibility; application form; postmark or delivery date; providing certain information and fee to department; brochure; notification; certification that forest management plan prepared and in effect; violation; exemption from disclosure.
Section 324.51104SectionForestland; evaluation; hearing; notice; conduct; approval; record.
Section 324.51105SectionCommercial forests not subject to ad valorem general property tax; specific tax; removal from land descriptions list; separate roll; collection; return and sale for nonpayment of taxes; valuation prohibited; lands not considered in connection with equalization distribution of sums collected; distribution; commercial forestland located in renaissance zone.
Section 324.51106SectionAcreage as commercial forestlands; certifying to state treasurer; payment to county treasurer; distribution of remaining funds; payment in full required.
Section 324.51107SectionRepealed. 2006, Act 383, Imd. Eff. Sept. 27, 2006
Section 324.51108SectionWithdrawal of forestland as commercial forest; application; fee; penalty; calculation; publication on website; withdrawal not subject to penalty; granting application without payment of fee or penalty; forestland acquired by federally recognized Indian tribe; disposition; distribution; notice to applicant, township assessor, and register of deeds; filing list of withdrawn lands; interdepartmental cooperation; definitions.
Section 324.51109SectionDetermining proportion for disbursement of revenues and attribution of revenues; number of mills levied for local school operating purposes; distribution of revenues; “revenues” defined.
Section 324.51110SectionCutting, harvesting, or removing forest products prohibited; exceptions.
Section 324.51111SectionReport to department.
Section 324.51112SectionCommercial forest fund.
Section 324.51113SectionProhibited use of forestland by owner; exception; denying or inhibiting access for public hunting or fishing; exploration for minerals; removal of commercial mineral deposits, sand and gravel, and oil and gas; exploration for wind energy development.
Section 324.51114SectionApplications, statements, and reports under oath; forms.
Section 324.51115SectionTransfer of title; effect; withdrawal; document; notification.
Section 324.51116SectionRemoval of designation; declassification; notice; recording; fee.
Section 324.51118SectionApplicability of changes in part; withdrawal; fees.
Section 324.51119SectionRepresentatives of department; right of entry on commercial forestlands; access to books and papers.
Section 324.51120SectionViolation of part; penalty.
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