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Act 220 of 1976
Article 2

Section 37.1201SectionDefinitions.
Section 37.1202SectionEmployer; prohibited conduct; exceptions; access to genetic information.
Section 37.1203SectionEmployment agency; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1204SectionLabor organization; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1205SectionApprenticeship, on the job, or other training or retraining programs; discrimination prohibited.
Section 37.1206SectionProhibited notices, advertisements, inquiries, applications, and records.
Section 37.1207SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 478, Imd. Eff. Jan. 20, 1981.
Section 37.1208SectionPlan.
Section 37.1209SectionContract to which state a party; covenant not to discriminate against employee or applicant for employment; breach.
Section 37.1210SectionBurden of proof; cost of accommodation as undue hardship; reduction of limitations; restructuring job or altering schedule; applicability of subsections (2) to (16); violation; notices.
Section 37.1211SectionPowers of person under article.
Section 37.1212SectionEducation and training programs.
Section 37.1213SectionArticle not in conflict with civil rights act.
Section 37.1214SectionAccommodation not construed as preferential treatment or employee benefit.
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