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Act 368 of 1978
Part 92

Section 333.9201SectionDefinitions; principles of construction.
Section 333.9203SectionFree immunization treatments; free periodic immunization clinics for children; publicity; mass immunization programs; liability.
Section 333.9204SectionAdministration of immunizing agent.
Section 333.9205SectionImmunization of child required.
Section 333.9205aSectionRisks associated with meningococcal disease; materials; notice; availability; “institution of higher education” defined.
Section 333.9205bSectionRisks of human papillomavirus; availability of materials; definitions.
Section 333.9206SectionCertificate of immunization required; form; contents; right to object to reporting requirement; report to department; failure to comply with subsection (3); “health care provider” defined.
Section 333.9207SectionChildhood immunization registry; Michigan care improvement registry; establishment; purpose; confidentiality and disclosure requirements.
Section 333.9208SectionCertificate of immunization or statement of exemption; presentation to school officials; minimum doses of immunizing agent; updated certificate; annual report.
Section 333.9209SectionImmunization status of kindergarten and first grade students; minimum percentage levels of immunization; raising immunization level; report of additional immunizations; form of report; exclusion of child from school attendance.
Section 333.9211SectionPreschool aged child registered in program of group residence, care, or camping; certificate of immunization or statement of exemption; minimum dose of immunizing agent; updated certificate; report of immunization status.
Section 333.9212SectionImmunization requirements of MCL 333.9208 as condition for admission to grade in public or nonpublic school.
Section 333.9215SectionExemptions.
Section 333.9221SectionEnforcement; cooperation.
Section 333.9227SectionRules.
Section 333.9229SectionViolation as misdemeanor.
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