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Act 368 of 1978
Part 213

Section 333.21301SectionDefinitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.21302Section"Continuing care community," and "supervised personal care" defined.
Section 333.21307SectionExemptions.
Section 333.21311SectionLicense required; use of "home for aged" or similar term or abbreviation; minimum age for admission; waiver of age limitation; documentation; determination by director.
Section 333.21311aSectionExisting facility or facility under construction; exemption.
Section 333.21313SectionOwner, operator, and governing body of home for aged; responsibilities and duties; good moral character; issuance of license by department; criminal history check and criminal records check required; renewal of license; storage of fingerprints in automated fingerprint identification system database; convictions.
Section 333.21321SectionBond required.
Section 333.21325SectionRemoval of resident from home for the aged; conditions.
Section 333.21331SectionLicensee considered consumer of tangible personal property.
Section 333.21332SectionHome for the aged; influenza vaccination.
Section 333.21333SectionRepealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
Section 333.21335SectionRequirement of emergency generator system in home for the aged.
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