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Act 299 of 1980
Article 5

Section 339.501SectionLodging or filing complaint.
Section 339.501aSectionDefinitions.
Section 339.502SectionInvestigation; correspondence file; acknowledgment of complaint; complaint made by department.
Section 339.503SectionInvestigation; petition to issue subpoena.
Section 339.504SectionInvestigation; status report; time extension; closing and reopening complaint; preparation of appropriate action; informal conference.
Section 339.505SectionSummary suspension of license or certificate of registration; order; affidavit; petition to dissolve order; hearing; granting requested relief; record.
Section 339.506SectionCease and desist order; hearing; request; application to restrain and enjoin further violation.
Section 339.507SectionInformal conference; criminal prosecution; other action authorized by act.
Section 339.508SectionFormal complaint and notice; service; options; attendance at informal conference; methods of settlement; representation.
Section 339.510SectionShowing compliance with act, rule, or order.
Section 339.511SectionHearing.
Section 339.512SectionSubpoena.
Section 339.513SectionFindings of fact and conclusions of law; hearing report; copies; complaint involving professional standards of practice.
Section 339.514SectionDetermination of penalties to be assessed; hearing report; transcript; time limit; board member prohibited from participating in final determination.
Section 339.515SectionPetition for review generally.
Section 339.516SectionPetition for review; contents.
Section 339.517SectionConsideration of petition; alternative form of testing; personal interview.
Section 339.518SectionIssuance of license or certificate of registration or renewal based on review of petitioner's qualifications.
Section 339.519SectionPetition to review limitation on license, certification of registration, or renewal; reply; removal of limitation.
Section 339.520SectionPetition to review decision denying person licensure, approval, or recognition.
Section 339.521SectionConsideration of petition; reinvestigation; reply.
Section 339.522SectionConducting proceedings on grievance lodged before effective date of act.
Section 339.551SectionAdditional definitions.
Section 339.553SectionCitation generally.
Section 339.555SectionCitation; notice of acceptance or denial of violation; signature; return; records; citation as final order; disclosure; removal from records; explanation; statement.
Section 339.557SectionEffect of signing citation.
Section 339.559SectionReview of pending cases; notice.
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