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Section 324.8512h

Act 451 of 1994

324.8512h Fertilizer advisory committee; membership; terms; removal; vacancy; meetings; quorum; duties; meetings subject to open meetings act; "committee" defined.

Sec. 8512h.

  (1) The fertilizer advisory committee is created within the department. The committee shall be composed of the following members:
  (a) The director of the department of agriculture and rural development.
  (b) Two members representing the fertilizer industry.
  (c) One member representing the specialty fertilizer industry.
  (d) Four members representing farmers and other agricultural organizations.
  (e) One member from the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  (f) One member who is a certified crop advisor.
  (g) One member representing conservation districts.
  (h) The director of Michigan State University AgBioResearch.
  (i) One member representing the largest statewide land conservancy in this state.
  (2) The members of the committee may designate an authorized representative or substitute to represent them on the committee. Of the members first appointed by the director, 4 shall serve for 1 year, 4 for 2 years, and 4 for 3 years. Thereafter, an appointment shall be for 3 years. The director shall remove any member who is absent, either personally or through a designated representative or substitute, for 4 or more consecutive meetings. Vacancies shall be filled for the balance of an unexpired term. The committee shall meet on the call of the director, who shall serve as chairperson. The director shall call a meeting of the committee upon request of 2 or more members. A majority of the members of the committee constitute a quorum.
  (3) The committee shall advise the director on the research funded under section 8514(4)(c).
  (4) All meetings of the committee shall be conducted pursuant to the open meetings act, 1976 PA 267, MCL 15.261 to 15.275.
  (5) As used in this section, "committee" means the fertilizer advisory committee created in subsection (1).

History: Add. 2015, Act 118, Eff. Oct. 1, 2015
Compiler's Notes: Act 451
Compiler's Notes: NREPA

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