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Act 116 of 1954

Section 168.770SectionVoting machines authorized; contracts between governing bodies as to use.
Section 168.770aSectionVoting device; authorization of use by secretary of state; petition; rules as to election procedures.
Section 168.771SectionVoting machines; purchase.
Section 168.771aSectionSelection of electronic voting system; criteria.
Section 168.772SectionVoting machines; construction and operation.
Section 168.773SectionVoting machines or uniform voting system; maintenance; custody.
Section 168.774SectionVoting machines; contracts for purchase, terms.
Section 168.775SectionRepealed. 2017, Act 113, Eff. Oct. 25, 2017.
Section 168.776SectionVoting machines; supplies and equipment; keys, delivery and return.
Section 168.777SectionVoting machines; model, instructions.
Section 168.778SectionVoting machines; control; clerk and assistants as officers of election; compensation; exception; number of assistants; preparation of machines; inspection; certification; lighting; delivery of machines; police protection; supervision of machines.
Section 168.779SectionElection inspectors; qualifications as to voting machines.
Section 168.780SectionRepealed. 1955, Act 271, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1955;—1955, Act 283, Imd. Eff. July 19, 1955.
Section 168.781SectionElection inspectors and poll clerks; opening of polls, examination of machine seals and counter, delivery of keys, other duties.
Section 168.782SectionRepealed. 1966, Act 62, Imd. Eff. June 9, 1966.
Section 168.782aSectionVoting machines; voting for more write-in candidates than space on machine, procedure.
Section 168.782bSectionEmergency ballots.
Section 168.783SectionVoting machines; challenged voter, procedure.
Section 168.784SectionVoting machines; irregular ballots, unlawful use.
Section 168.785SectionVoting machines; location.
Section 168.786SectionVoting machines; voting; secrecy; time limit.
Section 168.787SectionVoting machines; keyboard concealed.
Section 168.788SectionVoting machines; locking.
Section 168.789SectionVoting machines; election inspectors, instructions to voter, assistance to incapacitated voter.
Section 168.790SectionVoting machines; defacing, altering or injuring machine or labels.
Section 168.791SectionVoting machines; sealing against voting; reading and announcement of vote; absent voters' ballots; legality; count and tally; completion of returns; availability; sealing and locking machine.
Section 168.791aSectionPrinter type voting machines; definition, operation.
Section 168.792SectionVoting machines; discrepancy in return; re-canvass; examination, statement of result; petition for recount.
Section 168.792aSectionAbsent voter counting boards.
Section 168.792bSectionRepealed. 1983, Act 181, Imd. Eff. Oct. 25, 1983.
Section 168.793SectionVoting machines; inspectors' statement forms.
Section 168.794SectionDefinitions used in MCL 168.794 to 168.799a.
Section 168.794aSectionElectronic voting system; authorization; acquisition; abandonment; use; accuracy test; applicability of subsections (1) and (2).
Section 168.794bSectionElectronic voting system; manner of payment.
Section 168.794b.amendedSectionElectronic voting system; manner of payment.
Section 168.794cSectionApplicability and construction of provisions; rules.
Section 168.795SectionElectronic voting system; requirements; method for rendering electronic tabulating equipment inoperable; equipping each polling place with accessible voting device.
Section 168.795aSectionElectronic voting system; approval by board of state canvassers; conditions; approval of improvement or change; inapplicability of subsection (1); intent to purchase statement; instruction in operation and use; disapproval.
Section 168.795bSectionPrinting or displaying ballot labels, questions, office titles, and names of candidates; columns, pages, and directional signs; ballot stub.
Section 168.795cSectionIndicating different parts of ballot on ballot label; placement of parts; 2 or more elections on same day; partisan elections; straight party ticket vote prohibited; appropriation.
Section 168.796SectionSample ballots.
Section 168.796aSectionElectronic voting system; preparation for election; equipment and supplies; voting stations.
Section 168.796bSectionRepealed. 1990, Act 109, Imd. Eff. June 18, 1990.
Section 168.797SectionInspectors of election; duties; certification of equipment operation.
Section 168.797aSectionInstruction in method of voting on electronic voting system; use of ballot processed through electronic tabulating equipment; procedure; detached stub; spoiled ballot; processing of challenged voter ballot; removal of ballot.
Section 168.797bSectionRules.
Section 168.797cSectionComputer program; disposition and use of source code.
Section 168.798SectionTesting of electronic tabulating equipment; notice; method; sealing programs, test materials, and ballots; rules; sealing memory device.
Section 168.798aSectionSeparate counting center; direction and conduct of proceedings; method.
Section 168.798bSectionElectronic tabulating equipment; unofficial and official returns; manual count.
Section 168.798cSectionCasting absentee votes on paper ballots or ballot cards; count; recording; voting and processing absent voters' ballots; inspection of rejected ballot.
Section 168.799SectionInjuring, altering, or defacing voting device, ballot, or other equipment; interference with correct operation of equipment; enforcement; examination.
Section 168.799aSectionRecounting punched, marked, or stamped ballot; procedure; stray marks; releasing sealed materials.
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