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Section 552.509

Act 294 of 1982

552.509 Duties of office regarding support payments; transition to state disbursement unit; providing statement of account to parties; initiating and carrying out proceedings to enforce order entered in domestic relations matter; enforcement orders entered in other state.

Sec. 9.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (2) and (3), after a support order is entered in a friend of the court case, the office shall receive each payment and service fee under the support order; shall, not less than once each month, record each support payment due, paid, and past due; and shall disburse each support payment to the recipient of support within 14 days after the office receives each payment or within the federally mandated time frame, whichever is shorter.

(2) An office shall receive support order and service fee payments, and shall disburse support, as required by subsection (1) until the state disbursement unit implements support and fee receipt and disbursement for the cases administered by that office. At the family independence agency's direction and in cooperation with the SDU, an office shall continue support and fee receipt and support disbursement to facilitate the transition of that responsibility to the SDU as directed in, and in accordance with the transition schedule developed as required by, the office of child support act, 1971 PA 174, MCL 400.231 to 400.240.

(3) After SDU support and fee receipt and disbursement is implemented in a circuit court circuit, the office for that court may accept a support payment made in cash or by cashier's check or money order. If the office accepts such a payment, the office shall transmit the payment to the SDU and shall inform the payer of the SDU's location and the requirement to make payments through the SDU.

(4) Promptly after November 3, 1999, each office shall establish and maintain the support order and account records necessary to enforce support orders and necessary to record obligations, support and fee receipt and disbursement, and related payments. Each office shall provide the SDU with access to those records and shall assist the SDU to resolve support and fee receipt and disbursement problems related to inadequate identifying information.

(5) The office shall provide annually to each party, without charge, 1 statement of account upon request. Additional statements of account shall be provided at a reasonable fee sufficient to pay for the cost of reproduction. Statements provided under this subsection are in addition to statements provided for administrative and judicial hearings.

(6) The office shall initiate and carry out proceedings to enforce an order in a friend of the court case regarding custody, parenting time, health care coverage, or support in accordance with this act, the support and parenting time enforcement act, and supreme court rules.

(7) Upon request of a child support agency of another state, the office shall initiate and carry out certain proceedings to enforce support orders entered in the other state without the need to register the order as a friend of the court case in this state. The order shall be enforced using automated administrative enforcement actions authorized under the support and parenting time enforcement act.

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