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Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 34

Section 500.3400SectionDefinitions; scope of chapter, exemptions, exceptions.
Section 500.3401SectionRepealed. 2016, Act 276, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2016.
Section 500.3401aSectionGroup disability insurance; issuance; filing and approval of form.
Section 500.3402SectionDisability insurance policy; provisions required.
Section 500.3402aSectionGroup disability insurance policy; provisions required.
Section 500.3402bSectionGroup or nongroup disability insurance policy; coordination of benefits; provision; limitation; "other coverage" defined; payment by each insurer.
Section 500.3402cSectionFamily expense insurance policy.
Section 500.3402dSectionBlanket disability insurance; coverage.
Section 500.3402eSectionBlanket disability insurance policies; issuance.
Section 500.3402fSectionBlanket disability insurance policy; provisions.
Section 500.3402gSectionBlanket disability insurance policy; certificate; payment of benefits.
Section 500.3402hSectionLegal liability of policyholder.
Section 500.3403SectionHealth insurance policy offering dependent coverage; required provisions; denial prohibited; grounds.
Section 500.3404SectionInsurance policy issued for delivery to nonresident.
Section 500.3405SectionPrudent purchaser agreements with providers of hospital, nursing, medical, surgical, or sick-care services; rates; discrimination prohibited; optometry, chiropractic, and physical therapy service.
Section 500.3405aSectionUse of most favored nation clause.
Section 500.3406SectionDisability insurance policy; provisions required, captions, omissions, substitutions.
Section 500.3406aSectionReconstructive surgery following mastectomy; prosthetic device.
Section 500.3406bSectionCoverage for mental health services by mental health care provider.
Section 500.3406cSectionHospice care; definition; description of coverage.
Section 500.3406dSectionCoverage for breast cancer diagnostic services, breast cancer outpatient treatment services, and breast cancer rehabilitative services; coverage for breast cancer screening mammography; definitions.
Section 500.3406eSectionCoverage for drug used in antineoplastic therapy and cost of its administration; conditions.
Section 500.3406fSectionRepealed. 2016, Act 276, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2016.
Section 500.3406gSectionRepealed. 2016, Act 276, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2016.
Section 500.3406hSectionEligibility of parent for dependent coverage; health coverage of child through noncustodial parent; duties of insurer; court or administrative order and notice required.
Section 500.3406iSectionIndividual eligible under title XIX of social security act; assignment of rights of insured to department of social services.
Section 500.3406jSectionInsured or applicant as victim of domestic violence; refusal to provide coverage prohibited; liability; "domestic violence" defined.
Section 500.3406kSectionEmergency health services; medically necessary coverage; "stabilization" defined.
Section 500.3406lSectionMedical transportation services; reimbursement; exception.
Section 500.3406mSectionAccess by insured to obstetrician-gynecologist.
Section 500.3406nSectionAccess to pediatric care services.
Section 500.3406oSectionInsurer providing prescription drug coverage; formulary restrictions; expedited review of coverage for nonformulary alternative; determination.
Section 500.3406pSectionEstablishment of program to prevent onset of clinical diabetes required; survey; coverages; "diabetes" defined.
Section 500.3406qSectionOff-label use of approved drug; coverage; conditions; compliance; use of copayment, deductible, sanction, or utilization control; limitation; definitions.
Section 500.3406rSectionCoverage for obstetrical and gynecological services by physician or nurse midwife.
Section 500.3406sSectionDiagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders; coverage; prohibition; availability of other benefits; conditions; qualified health plan offered through American health benefit exchange pursuant to federal law; short-term or 1-time limited duration policy or certificate; prescription drug plan; coordinated benefits; definitions.
Section 500.3406tSectionSynchronizing insured's or enrollee's multiple maintenance prescription drugs.
Section 500.3407SectionEntire contract; changes.
Section 500.3407aSectionConduct on behalf of or information provided to insured by health care provider; prohibition or discouragement by disability insurer.
Section 500.3407bSectionUndergoing genetic testing as condition of issuing, renewing, or continuing policy; disclosure of genetic testing or genetic information; definitions.
Section 500.3408SectionTime limit on certain defenses; incontestable policy.
Section 500.3409SectionDisability insurance policy; mandatory notices as to cancellation and refund of premium.
Section 500.3410SectionGrace period; provision required.
Section 500.3411SectionReinstatement; provision required.
Section 500.3412SectionNotice of claim; provision required.
Section 500.3413SectionClaim forms; provision required.
Section 500.3414SectionProofs of loss; provision required.
Section 500.3416SectionTime of payment of claims; provision required.
Section 500.3418SectionPayment of claims; provision required.
Section 500.3420SectionPhysical examinations and autopsy; provision required.
Section 500.3422SectionLegal actions; provision required.
Section 500.3424SectionChange of beneficiary; provision required.
Section 500.3425SectionHealth insurance policy; coverage for intermediate and outpatient care for substance use disorder required; charges, terms, and conditions; reduction of coverage; deductibles and copayment provisions; definitions.
Section 500.3426SectionOffer of wellness coverage by insurer.
Section 500.3428SectionProvider network.
Section 500.3430SectionOptional policy provisions; insurance commissioner's approval.
Section 500.3432SectionChange of occupation; optional provision.
Section 500.3434SectionMisstatement of age; optional provision.
Section 500.3436SectionOther insurance with same insurer; optional provision.
Section 500.3438SectionInsurance with other insurers; optional provision; expense incurred benefits.
Section 500.3439SectionRepealed. 2016, Act 276, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2016.
Section 500.3440SectionInsurance with other insurers; other benefits.
Section 500.3444SectionRelation of earnings to insurance; optional provision.
Section 500.3446SectionUnpaid premium; optional provision.
Section 500.3448SectionCancellation; optional provision.
Section 500.3450SectionConformity with state statutes; optional provision.
Section 500.3452SectionIllegal occupation or criminal activity; optional provision; definitions.
Section 500.3454SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 429, Eff. Mar. 31, 1981.
Section 500.3460SectionOrder of certain policy provisions.
Section 500.3462SectionThird party ownership of policy.
Section 500.3464SectionForeign or alien insurers; provision required by other state law; domestic insurers; provision required by other state or country.
Section 500.3466SectionFiling procedure; insurance commissioner, regulatory powers.
Section 500.3468SectionProvisions violating code; construction of noncomplying policies and provisions.
Section 500.3470SectionAge of insured; provision regulations.
Section 500.3472SectionOpen enrollment period; prohibitions; establishment of reasonable periods for health insurance policies; minimum standards for frequency and duration of open enrollment periods; denial of coverage.
Section 500.3474SectionRisk classification; rates; filing requirements.
Section 500.3474aSectionPremium rate after January 1, 2014; basis; factors.
Section 500.3475SectionReimbursement for services by licensed psychologist, podiatrist, or chiropractor; section inapplicable to policy involving prudent purchaser agreement.
Section 500.3476SectionTelemedicine services; provisions; definitions.
Section 500.3477SectionUse of financial incentive or payment to act as inducement to deny, reduce, limit, or delay services; prohibition; exception.
Section 500.3480SectionRepealed. 1963, Act 127, Eff. Sept. 6, 1963.
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