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Act 42 of 1842
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Act 42 of 1842

AN ACT to incorporate the Baptist Convention of the state of Michigan. Whereas, certain persons have associated themselves together, under the name of “the Baptist Convention of the state of Michigan,” for the purpose of disseminating the gospel, aiding home and foreign missions, promoting ministerial education, Sabbath school instruction, and the circulation of religious tracts, Therefore,

History: 1842, Act 42, Eff. Mar. 19, 1842

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan:

Section 458.151SectionBaptist convention; incorporation, objects.
Section 458.152SectionMembership.
Section 458.153SectionFirst meeting, calling; annual meeting.
Section 458.154SectionFirst meeting; election of officers and directors; terms of office; board of managers; powers of convention.
Section 458.155SectionPowers of corporation; legal successor to certain dissolved corporations.
Section 458.156SectionDonations; use.
Section 458.157SectionMembers; powers at any meeting.
Section 458.158SectionBy-laws and rules.
Section 458.159SectionRepeal of act.
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