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Section 259.82

Act 327 of 1945

259.82 Dealer's license; application; fee; form; signature; statement; expiration; renewal; display; record; report; general registration numbers for manufacturer and dealer aircraft; issuance, charge, and display; sale or exchange of aircraft subject to registration; application for registration; dismantling or wrecking registered aircraft; cancellation, revocation, or suspension of license.

Sec. 82.

  (1) A person shall not engage in the business of buying, selling, brokering, or dealing in aircraft of a type required to be registered, unless he or she has received a license from the commission.
  (2) An application for a dealer's license shall be accompanied by a $25.00 license fee and shall be submitted on the appropriate form furnished by the commission. Applications shall be signed and accompanied by a sworn statement containing the information required by the commission to determine whether the applicant is lawfully entitled to the license.
  (3) A license granted under subsection (1) expires on January 1 of each calendar year and may be renewed upon application and payment of the required fee. The commission may issue a 1/2-year license for the balance of the current year if application is made after July 1 upon payment of 1/2 of the fee.
  (4) A dealer or manufacturer shall display a dealer's license in a prominent location at his or her place of business.
  (5) A licensee shall maintain a record, to be open to inspection by any law enforcement officer or authorized officer or investigator of the commission, of every aircraft subject to registration which is bought, sold, exchanged, received, or accepted by the licensee for sale or exchange. A licensee shall submit a report to the commission of aircraft sold to a resident of another state and include the notice of sale or transfer and the registration certificate, if any.
  (6) The commission shall issue to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft engine manufacturers, and dealers a distinctive general registration number for each aircraft owned or controlled by them. These aircraft shall not be used except for demonstration, for sale, for ferrying, or for testing. General registration numbers for manufacturer and dealer aircraft shall be issued annually under the same conditions as registration certificates and a $5.00 charge made for the general registration numbers for manufacturer and dealer aircraft. The general registration number issued to a manufacturer or dealer shall be displayed in the aircraft at all times.
  (7) A manufacturer or dealer selling or exchanging aircraft subject to registration, before delivering an aircraft to the purchaser, shall apply to the commission for aircraft registration, and the purchaser shall sign the application for registration and other necessary papers to enable the manufacturer or dealer to apply to the commission.
  (8) A dealer dismantling or wrecking any registered aircraft shall forward the registration certificate for that aircraft to the commission within 15 days for cancellation.
  (9) The commission may cancel, revoke, or suspend the dealer's license for failure to comply with this section.

History: 1945, Act 327, Imd. Eff. May 28, 1945 ;-- CL 1948, 259.82 ;-- Am. 1976, Act 191, Imd. Eff. July 8, 1976 ;-- Am. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996
Former Law: See section 2 of Act 63 of 1931; Act 169 of 1933; and Act 265 of 1939.

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