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Committees:  FINANCIAL LIABILITY REFORM (1/19/2018)
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Referred Date
HB 4330 of 2017
referred 3/8/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Bellino, JosephRetirement; legislative; retirement health care benefits; limit to 80% of premium. Amends secs. 50b & 79 of 1957 PA 261 (MCL 38.1050b & 38.1079).
HB 4859 of 2017
referred 7/12/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Albert, ThomasRetirement; investments; forfeiture of carried interest of general partner removed for cause; require, except under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 19 of 1965 PA 314 (MCL 38.1139).
HB 5033 of 2017
referred 9/27/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Howrylak, MartinRetirement; public school employees; interest on reporting unit contribution late fee; revise cap. Amends sec. 42 of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1342).
HB 5092 of 2017
referred 10/12/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Lilly, JimRetirement; public school employees; funding of required contribution amount by employer; clarify. Amends sec. 131 of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1431).10/18/17Adopted Substitute H-1 10/18/17
HB 5093 of 2017
referred 10/12/2017
Financial Liability Reform
LaFave, BeauRetirement; public school employees; matching contributions for certain employees hired before July 1, 2010; provide for. Amends sec. 84b of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1384b).10/18/17, 10/25/17Adopted Substitute H-1 10/18/17, Reported with Reccomendation 10/25/17
HB 5230 of 2017
referred 11/8/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Marino, SteveRetirement; public school employees; annuity option; expand. Amends sec. 127 of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1427).1/17/18Adopted Substitute H-2 1/17/18
HB 5231 of 2017
referred 11/8/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Albert, ThomasRetirement; state employees; annuity option; provide for. Amends sec. 58 of 1943 PA 240 (MCL 38.58).1/17/18Adopted Substitute H-1 1/17/18
HB 5355 of 2017
referred 12/12/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Albert, ThomasRetirement; public school employees; use of a level dollar method for paying off unfunded actuarial accrued liability; implement method beginning on certain date. Amends sec. 41 of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1341).1/11/18
HB 5368 of 2017
referred 12/13/2017
Financial Liability Reform
Hornberger, PamelaRetirement; public school employees; computing retirement allowance based on employee organization professional services leave or released time; modify. Amends sec. 71 of 1980 PA 300 (MCL 38.1371).1/17/18
HB 5411 of 2018
referred 1/16/2018
Financial Liability Reform
Barrett, TomRetirement; state employees; classification definitions for corrections security inspector and corrections security representative; provide for. Amends sec. 45 of 1943 PA 240 (MCL 38.45).
HR 0218 of 2018
referred 1/10/2018
Financial Liability Reform
Green, PatrickA resolution to support other post-employment benefits for current and future local government employees and reaffirm our commitment to local government employees for their devoted service to Michigan communities.
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