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Act 451 of 1994
Part 191

Section 324.19101SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 324.19102SectionDefinitions; A to N.
Section 324.19103SectionDefinitions; P to W.
Section 324.19104SectionClean Michigan fund; creation; appropriations, gifts, and donations; expenditures.
Section 324.19105SectionGrants to counties for establishment of revolving loan fund; use of initial grant; percentage of grant utilized for administration of loan program; use of loans; establishment, duties, and membership of county loan board; conditions to making loan; annual audit; liability of county; maximum grant.
Section 324.19106SectionWaste stream assessments.
Section 324.19107SectionRecycling and composting feasibility studies.
Section 324.19108SectionWaste-to-energy feasibility studies.
Section 324.19109SectionEducational program with respect to resource recovery; resource recovery education grant program; authorized grants; factors in selecting recipients; limitations on expenditures.
Section 324.19110SectionSolid waste transfer station grant program.
Section 324.19111SectionRecycling and composting capital grant program.
Section 324.19112SectionWaste-to-energy capital grant program.
Section 324.19113SectionRecycling operational grant program.
Section 324.19114SectionComposting operational grant program.
Section 324.19115SectionHousehold hazardous waste disposal grant program.
Section 324.19116SectionStatewide market development research study; market development plan; market development grant program; selection of development projects; selecting recipients of market development grants; permits as condition to dispensing market development grant; limitation on expenditures.
Section 324.19117SectionProgram to perform hydrogeological monitoring studies on open and closed sanitary landfills and open dumps owned by municipalities.
Section 324.19118SectionSanitary landfill and open dump closure or reclosure matching grant program.
Section 324.19119SectionProject producing site separated materials; eligibility for grant.
Section 324.19120SectionAdministration of studies, assessments, and programs; application for inclusion in study or assessment or for grant; project summary.
Section 324.19121SectionReports.
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