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Section 460.1061

Act 295 of 2008

460.1061 Voluntary green pricing program.

Sec. 61.

An electric provider shall offer to its customers the opportunity to participate in a voluntary green pricing program under which the customer may specify, from the options made available by the electric provider, the amount of electricity attributable to the customer that will be renewable energy. If the electric provider's rates are regulated by the commission, the program, including the rates paid for renewable energy, must be approved by the commission. The customer is responsible for any additional costs incurred and shall accrue any additional savings realized by the electric provider as a result of the customer's participation in the program. If an electric provider has not yet fully recovered the incremental costs of compliance, both of the following apply:

(a) A customer that receives at least 50% of the customer's average monthly electricity consumption through the program is exempt from paying surcharges for incremental costs of compliance.

(b) Before entering into an agreement to participate in a commission-approved voluntary green pricing program with a customer that will not receive at least 50% of the customer's average monthly electricity consumption through the program, the electric provider shall notify the customer that the customer will be responsible for the full applicable charges for the incremental costs of compliance and for participation in the voluntary renewable energy program as provided under this section.

History: Add. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017

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