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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 169 of 1970 - LOCAL HISTORIC DISTRICTS ACT (399.201 - 399.215)
Section 399.201 ‑ Short title.
Section 399.201a ‑ Definitions.
Section 399.202 ‑ Historic preservation as public purpose; purpose of ordinance.
Section 399.203 ‑ Historic districts; establishment; study committee; duties; public hearing; notice; actions; availability of writings to public.
Section 399.204 ‑ Historic district commission; establishment; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; commissions previously established by charter or ordinance.
Section 399.205 ‑ Permit required; completed application; certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed; issuance; permit fee; appeal to review board and circuit court; plan review standards, guidelines, and considerations; scope of review; preservation plan; approval; conditions; public meeting; availability of writings to public; rules of procedure; approval of minor work; finding of demolition by neglect; restoration or modification of work done without permit.
Section 399.206 ‑ Grants, gifts, and programs.
Section 399.207 ‑ Historic resource; acquisition by local legislative body.
Section 399.208 ‑ County historic district commission; coordination with township and municipality.
Section 399.209 ‑ Historic district commission; filings with delegated authority; duties of local public officials, employees, and department.
Section 399.210 ‑ Construction of act.
Section 399.211 ‑ Appeal of decisions.
Section 399.212 ‑ Effect of act as to existing legislation and historical commissions.
Section 399.213 ‑ Powers and duties of historic district commission.
Section 399.214 ‑ Local units; establishing, modifying, or eliminating historic districts; study committee; considerations; review of applications within proposed historic district; emergency moratorium.
Section 399.215 ‑ Violation; fine; payment of costs.

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