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Act 451 of 1994
Part 54
(Safe Drinking Water Assistance)

Section 324.5401SectionDefinitions; A to C.
Section 324.5402SectionDefinitions; D to N.
Section 324.5403SectionDefinitions; P to W.
Section 324.5404SectionWater suppliers; qualifications for assistance.
Section 324.5405SectionWater suppliers; application for assistance; project plan.
Section 324.5406SectionProjects eligible for assistance; priority list; award of points; annual submission to legislative standing committees; segmenting of projects; equitable distribution of funding; priority list to be effective first day of fiscal year.
Section 324.5407SectionIdentification of projects in fundable range.
Section 324.5408SectionProject plan; environmental review; categorical exclusion; criteria; environmental assessment; finding of no significant impact; environmental impact statement; record of decision; project reevaluation for compliance with national environmental policy act requirements; action prohibited during public comment period.
Section 324.5409SectionApplication for fund assistance; contents; availability of revenue sources; acceptance of applications by department; liability for incurred costs.
Section 324.5410SectionWater suppliers; responsibility to obtain permits or clearances; incorporation of provisions, conditions, and mitigative measures; review of documents by department; enforcement.
Section 324.5411SectionApplication for assistance; review by department; order of approval; incorporation of other documents; use of project assistance as matching requirements; eligibility certification.
Section 324.5412SectionBypassed projects.
Section 324.5413SectionDetermination to terminate assistance; issuance of order by department; cause; written notice to water supplier; repayment of outstanding loan balance not affected; other state and federal requirements not relieved; responsibility for settlement costs.
Section 324.5414SectionDetermination to terminate assistance; petition by water supplier; issuance of order by department; cause; repayment of outstanding loan balance not affected; other state or federal laws not relieved; responsibility for settlement costs.
Section 324.5415SectionAnnual establishment of interest rates; criteria.
Section 324.5416SectionAdministration and implementation costs; payment sources.
Section 324.5417SectionPowers of department.
Section 324.5418SectionAppeal; judicial review.
Section 324.5419SectionRepealed. 2002, Act 451, Eff. Sept. 30, 2003.
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